Despite all the calls for Biden to get out of the race, he says that’s not going to happen 

July 9 – The front page of the Wall Street Journal today shows that President Joe Biden has no plans to get out of the 2024 presidential election in November. 

Biden has said the voters selected him as the nominee. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Voters weren’t told the exact truth on a number of fronts, either out of a Karine Jean Pierre, out of the handlers of one Joe Biden, or out of the mainstream media. So it’s a little disingenuous for the occupant to say voters selected him as their nominee. We’ve been watching this happen for years with this guy, and all of a sudden, oh, there’s a problem. There’s some cognitive questions. We’ve got a doctor who specializes in Parkinson’s disease making a regular appearance at the White House.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “The next three or four days are critical for him. Today starts the NATO Summit in Washington, DC. So Biden is essentially hosting that. He is scheduled to give several speeches over the next few days. I still think that Thursday press conference that he’s going to do solo, supposedly just open to the press, anything goes, that’s going to be a key moment this week, because if he fails that, if he performs like he did in the debate, you’re going to see the heat turn up even more, to get him out.”

Ryan asked, “How are we supposed to believe anything that comes out of this administration? You hand questions over to radio hosts. You have Donna Brazile get questions into Hillary Clinton. You have cards that say call on this reporter, or I’m not supposed to answer that question, or I’ll get in trouble. Or watching Karine Jean Pierre have almost practically a breakdown when actually having to do her freaking job, how are we at all supposed to believe anything from this administration anymore?”

Barkdoll confirmed, “I think we all need to be skeptical. I mean, I applaud ABC last Friday, by the way we talk going into that interview with Stephanopoulos, we can’t trust it. Is it going to be edited? I think ABC did the right thing. They just released the whole unedited, raw version of that interview both Friday and Sunday. I think we need to be cautious with Thursday as well with this press conference, is it preordained or certain reporters being called on? Has anyone fed him questions? How long is he going to stand up there? What if the press conference is only 15 minutes? Well, to me, that’s meaningless versus what if he just stands up there and lets them go for hours, which is what I would advise him to do. I think we all need to watch it with a very skeptical eye.” 

Remember, US Senator Mark Warner is having a luncheon with other Senate Democrats today. 

Barkdoll said, they supposedly “are going to talk about, do they want to formally ask Biden to step down, or are they going to support him? Big op-eds this morning. James Carville has an op ed in the New York Times, of all places, saying Biden must go. Carville actually predicts Biden is not going to run. None of these things are accidental. We know that rule of politics, these things that get put out like this, there’s probably people behind it. David Axelrod, Obama’s campaign strategist and manager, now CNN commentator, he is making similar comments, saying, Biden will not win. It’s time for him to step down.”

A private poll commissioned by Democrats showed that after the debate, Biden will lose to Trump. 

Barkdoll said, “The lead in Politico is this private polling that was commissioned by the Democrats. Again, none of this is by mistake. So this wasn’t leaked, but the polling firm gave the data to Politico to report, clearly showing post debate Biden losing to Trump. But notably this polling firm, they then plug in all of these other names. What if this person was the candidate? Almost every other person they plug into the equation wins, and in some cases, they win by a lot. Hillary Clinton’s name is in this poll as someone that would easily beat Donald Trump. They have Kamala Harris beating Trump. Josh Shapiro’s name appears in this poll on a ticket with Harris beating Trump. Again, none of this stuff is accidental. Someone is deliberately pushing this out to get into Biden’s orbit there as another pressure point to try to get him to step out.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “This is stunning. I mean, we really have a naked emperor up on the hilltop in full light, maybe doing a handstand if he was capable of doing it and we’re all just pretending. I mean, I don’t care, you plug in, plug in, plug in. All these people, a lot of them very objectionable figures to half the country, when are we all going to realize it doesn’t matter? It doesn’t matter who’s in there and that must be the case, because there’s no way the powers that be would allow for this much transparency of this sausage making. I mean, who has trust in the press anymore? The way they flip flopped, and you see some people talking out of both sides of their mouth. So, oh yeah, he’s in it to win it. We’re going to support him. Oh no, he’s definitely out. We hear back from all the people, the contacts we have, he’s out. This is disgraceful and dangerous, dangerous for the rest of the world looking at this. Because I think they know now it doesn’t matter who’s the top. They are a puppet, and as long as they’re fairly good looking and can speak well, that seems to be the only criteria that we have for getting somebody to replace Biden. Biden family digging in, saying they’re not leaving. I think that’s mostly so that they can get guarantees of protection when he does leave, they’re going to push it, and then none of the families can be prosecuted.”

Ryan asked, “Who’s the pollster that we engage with that has the extra mathematical equation here, because what I hear is, oh yeah, Kamala beats Trump, which is ridiculous. Shapiro and Kamala beat Trump. Bring Hillary back and she beats Trump. Well, where’s that mathematician guy that said, you know what? Trump’s going to win the last go around it before the 81 million came out for the occupant presently in the White House. But how about that guy?”

Barkdoll said, “Robert Cahaly. We’ve interviewed him with the Trafalgar group, and he has that proprietary, secret method of polling that has always been more accurate.”

Ryan said, “That would be the guy that would be a fascinating interview. Okay, well, it says Hillary, Kamala, all the rest. Here are the Democrats that may be quietly saying to themselves, ‘not in your life’, we have seen what this party has done to the people and while we may have been in that camp for a very long time, not this time.”

Barkdoll said, “He has not published anything recently, but I’ll bet he’s out in the field now. All of the DC newsletters this morning are talking about, later this week, you’re going to see a lot of polling released post debate, and that will be interesting. Think about this reporting this morning, you have James Carville, Clinton’s mastermind, David Axelrod, Obama’s mastermind, both coming out very strongly, saying that Biden needs to go. Now, maybe they’re freelancing. They may be doing that independently. A lot of people, of course, are going to speculate: are they the mouthpieces for the Clintons and the Obamas? But I found it interesting that now this private polling that gets released to Politico, you don’t hear Hillary Clinton’s name at all in these discussions, but isn’t it fascinating that this polling group puts her at the top of the list, and they’re pointing out she’s significantly younger than Trump or Biden. People think, how could she possibly run? I wonder, could some of this be deliberate? Are there some strategizing and things going on behind the scenes, floating her name now as someone that could be put into the mix, that would ride in to do this, so I still think it’s very fluid. Biden kept doubling down yesterday. He’s not going anywhere. He released that letter to Congress telling them to back off. He’s in this race until the end, but a lot could change by the end of this week, depending on how he performs with these NATO events and the press conference.”

Jansen said, “I just hope the American people realize how manipulated they’ve been. It doesn’t matter even what side you’re listening to. We’ve all been so manipulated. They knew Biden was really bad at least six and eight months ago, and even before that, but every time anybody tried to point that out, they were slammed and minimize. Please, we’ve got to realize that this is all manipulation. It is plans behind the scene. I fully believe that they’re going to manipulate, to get the best one in, to hold on to power and this naked power holding that we see, it is truly breathtaking, and I just hope enough people are paying attention.”

Congressman John Joyce said, “I think that the overwhelming conclusion is what we’ve seen over the past years, and it’s culminated over the past few weeks since the debate is that President Biden is not up to the task of leading the United States and being the leader of the free world. Republicans have recognized that Biden has been asleep at the controls. Look at what he’s done. He’s let the border be wide open. He’s allowed inflation to skyrocket, and he’s done nothing to advent and propel national security at home and abroad. He’s a weak leader, and Joe Biden’s debate performance made it clear that we need President Trump back in the White House. We can’t afford another four years of Biden’s failed leadership. His medical problems, and I do look at that as a physician, his medical problems seem to have escalated. But we need to address the fact that the White House has continued to cover up the truth. The White House has continued to prop up Biden. The White House has continued to hide what his health issues are. There are more questions than there are answers, but the overwhelming answer to me, loud and clear, is that Biden cannot continue to serve as the President of the United States. He doesn’t have the capabilities, he certainly hasn’t shown the skills, that failed leadership will all be overturned when we put President Trump back into the White House. America is ready for it. Pennsylvania 13 is certainly ready for it. I’m traveling out to Butler on this Saturday to be with President Trump, and I look forward to seeing a strong individual step up and show what America needs as a president, and I look forward to that convention next week, and being able to convey some of the information from literally being boots on the ground, being able to convey to both of you what’s going on in Milwaukee.”