Democrats turn away from Biden and the mess he’s created in a very short amount of time

October 11 — We are eight days away from the beginning of the ninth month of Joe Biden and his presidency.

Nine months into a four-year term and already, some reliable Democrats supporters are starting to look elsewhere.

Some of the typical supporters of Biden in the mainstream media have come out with pretty strong criticism of our president — saying he’s not up to the task of addressing all of the problems the country is facing.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the slip in Biden’s approval this morning during the Big Talk on First News.

Barkdoll said, “They’re kind of warning the party, hey, it’s time to start regrouping now. You can’t rely on Biden or Harris to carry the banner in 2024, let alone 2022 and maybe it’s time to regroup here and start looking at some other stars that you could start pushing towards the top if you want to try to keep control of any of these seats, whether it’s the White House or the House or the Senate.”

Jansen said, “The shocking admission there that Harris is not up for this at all. She really blew it. She comes to a bakery and to a child thing and gives this idiotic speech on going to the moon when she should have been dealing with the border.”

Even key Democrats are asking where is Kamala Harris? She’s been rather blatantly absent. The Dems admit it privately, but won’t come out and say it publicly.

Barkdoll said, “I think there are some real problems in this White House and as you’re pointing out, we’re only about nine months into this four-year administration.”

Ryan added, “And this will trickle down. I think as you look at what did Biden do? He did a whole bunch of slick videos and he stayed in the basement, and they protected him out there and then they had the press running cover for him. You see a slick video and you don’t see someone in person and you can’t look them in the eyes? You see produced videos; you should run the other way here. This slick video stuff that comes out of the Democrats, which is helped by Hollywood or helped by the mainstream media, that should be a real fire alarm for you to run the other way. If they have to do videos and they can’t be in front of you or they’re sending their people out to carry their message, that’s what the Democrats do. They’re looking for the soundbite. They’re looking for theatrics and there’s not any substance. What substance there is, they’re coming after your kids, they’re coming after your schools. They’re coming after you and your taxes.”

Barkdoll said, “I think his biggest threat is going to be going back to James Carville in the 90s. It’s the economy stupid. Remember that was his big line that Clinton used to beat George Bush. I think that’s going to be the Achilles heel here for Biden. Everyone listening to this, you’re seeing the inflationary pressures at the gas pump, at the grocery store, anything you go out and purchase. I realize, in fairness, this all started last year when that trillions of dollars was dropped out of a helicopter basically into the US economy under Trump, but it has continued even more this year under Biden and the Democrats in Congress. You’re seeing again this morning, oil hitting a multi-year high. Natural gas prices have more than doubled the past six months. Heating oil is up about 70 percent. Coal is at an all-time high. These kind of inflationary pressures, energy pressures, they’re going to keep pushing and squeezing people and again, if history holds, it doesn’t matter how someone is registered, they’re not going to vote in favor of the party in office when all these kind of things are unfolding at the same time. A lot of these economists are predicting this problem is only going to get worse over the next few months.”