Delegate Parrott asks citizens to call Maryland Governor Hogan to veto abortion training bill

March 31 – Maryland House of Delegates Bill 937 passed both the state House and state Senate and will now head to Governor Larry Hogan’s desk for a signature.

From the Maryland General Assembly website, the bill will establish the Abortion Care Clinical Training Program in the Maryland Department of Health to ensure that there are a sufficient number of health professionals to provide abortion care.

It will establish the Abortion Care Clinical Training Program Fund. It will establish certain requirements regarding abortion services, including provision and coverage requirements, for the Maryland Medical Assistance Program and certain insurers.

And, it will require the governor to include in the annual budget bill an appropriation of $3,500,000 to the program.

House Delegate Neil Parrott said, “Unbelievable. We don’t train any other profession. Not nurses, not doctors, not engineers, nothing, but we’re going to train abortionists. That’s what this bill does. It also says that if you’re going to perform abortions in Maryland, you used to have to be a doctor, but with this bill, it’s any individual, any individual, who is authorized in the state and the state says it’s within the person’s license or certification – that would include nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives. They totally opened it up and they’re paying for people to get the training to perform abortions.”

A non-profit group will be hired to do the training – so they will also get money from this.

Parrott said, “I’m asking people, please call Governor Hogan. Ask him to veto House Bill 937. It’s just a complete waste of taxpayer money. More than that, it goes against many, many Marylanders beliefs. House Bill 937. Please ask him to veto that bill.”