Death toll rises to more than 1,200 after surprise attacks in Israel over the weekend

October 9 – Hamas militants launched surprise attacks on Israel on Saturday, including at an outdoor music festival that left 260 people dead. 

The death count continues to rise as attacks continue throughout Israel. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Israel, they’re responding appropriately in Gaza. Hamas has launched more missiles as we speak, going back into residential neighborhoods in Israel and one of the real fears that’s developing here, outside of the obvious, but if you listen to a lot of these international security experts, the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal is reporting did Iran authorized this attack a few weeks ago? It sounds like this attack has been planned for the better part of a year, maybe more than a year. Iran, the Journal is reporting, they were briefed on it a few weeks ago and they said yes, go do it. Well, the fear of course is what if Israel starts launching a counter attack on Iran? It would not be surprising if they did that. Naturally if they believe Iran had a hand in this, Israel is going to want to respond to that accordingly.”

If Israel attacks Iran, how many other countries could get pulled into it? 

Barkdoll continued, “There’s also reporting that Israel may have to use up the 300,000 troops to go into Gaza in the next few days just to overtake that whole territory. There is no doubt unfortunately, you’re going to see those death tolls rise significantly, both among Israelis and Palestinians. So this is a very volatile, dangerous situation. Of course, the politics of it, the backdrop here, what’s the US going to do? We don’t have a Speaker of the House. This is increasing the pressure on those House Republicans. They’ve got to get a speaker installed. They can’t even pass a resolution at this point condemning what Hamas has done. So they’ve got to get that on board. How much aid is the US going to provide? We now have warships moving into that area to support Israel. Air support from the US is being deployed to that area to support Israel. Once a speaker gets elected, which may or may not happen this week, I think you’re going to see a lot more talk here domestically about what the US effort is going to be to assist our allies in Israel.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You can only imagine on the southern border, that sleeper cells are in the states after leaving the border wide open. You can only imagine it can only be a matter of time that Joe Biden and his administration are going to bring what is happening in Israel in some form or another, God help us all, to the United States.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “This is just, it’s such a mess. You can’t prove a negative but it’s really hard to believe all of the mess ups that they’ve done in the foreign affairs in the Biden administration, Afghanistan. Are we going to find out there’s equipment that was being used from Afghanistan in these attacks? The fact that Iran was a part of this, at least for weeks, but we went ahead and gave $6 billion over to the Iranians. Oh, but they’re only going to use that for the aid, for medicines. That’s ridiculous. We all know that’s ridiculous. Money is fungible. This was a huge help to them, so that they can transfer funds they were using for those kinds of things, continuing the terrorism they’ve been supporting with Hezbollah and Hamas for years. The Palestinians, Hamas has been ruling, the militant arm of their politics has been ruling them since 2007. They became really brutal from 2015. But we hear nothing but equivocation now coming from the left and the UN as far as Israel’s concerned. The brutality of what you saw in these attacks, the killing of children, women, rapes, horrible murders, putting them out there for the world to see. The dehumanization of Israel has led directly to people being willing to do this kind of thing to each other. It’s got to stop and the fact that you don’t expect Israel to respond, some people are saying we just have to hurry up and settle this and de-escalate. Really? Because the equivalence of what happened in Israel is like 20,000 people being murdered here in the United States by enemies, and then all the brutality that you saw being done to these people and innocent civilians. No, they cannot just hurry up and de-escalate. They have to stop this horrible thing that has grown in that area that is going to keep attacking them unless it’s 100 percent stopped.”

Barkdoll predicted, “This is going to unfortunately go on for years now. Israel is saying this is their 9/11. Remember, Israel is a very small country. You have a population of less than 10 million people. Geographically, it’s very small. The death toll is already over 700. That’s undoubtedly going to keep going up. This is just a terrible terrorist attack that they’ve now seen on their own soil and there’s just so many moving parts to this. Look at the local newspapers over there online today, the Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, scathing editorials about Netanyahu. They don’t know who’s to blame here. They don’t get in any of the international players, but they are very critical of how Netanyahu they feel has taken too much of a hands off approach with Hamas the past year. They’re talking about all these distractions he’s had with trying to eliminate their Supreme Court, his own criminal cases and it looks like on the ground, the people are putting a lot of blame on him. But we know that in this current US administration, there’s probably plenty of blame to go around here.”

What is the story with the $6 billion allegedly sent to Iran? 

Barkdoll said, “I don’t know what the true story is there. The Biden administration people over the weekend, they are claiming that there’s not a dime of that money that’s been released to Iran. Well, that’s contrary to the reporting a few weeks ago when the money had been shipped to them. They’re now able to use it. Well, what is it? Both cannot be true. It’s just very curious to me that now suddenly, this terrorist attack happens and Biden and the administration are saying, well, that money’s never been released. It’s still sitting in a South Korean bank, and we’re monitoring it.”

Congressman John Joyce said, “We saw a horrible, calculated and a bloodthirsty attack on a civilian population. We must ensure that our allies, our friends, the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, that they have the tools and the weapons that are needed to defend themselves and ensure that this violence is not ever again brought on an Israeli countryside. I think it reminds all of us that weakness only invites aggression, and that the appeasement of our enemies will never lead to peace. While state sponsors of terror, like Iran, and I identify them as a state sponsor of terror, they’re given access to funds to wage war. That should never occur again. President Biden has shown that he and his administration lacked that fundamental understanding of how to confront our advisories in the Middle East. Make no mistake about this. Joe Biden should have never released that $6 billion to Iran, which even his own administration admitted could be used for attacks. Attacks like we just witnessed and are continuing to unfold. I think it is paramount that we come together and form a body that can elect a speaker in a timely fashion. We need, particularly as we see the unrest in Israel, when we see the aggression that Iran is unleashing, we need to have a Speaker of the House so that I can do my constitutional duty and I’m back in Washington to see that that occurs.”

One of the biggest questions from these attacks is how could there have been such a huge intelligence failure like this? 

Barkdoll said, “The US relies on Israeli intelligence and vice versa and a lot of these international foreign security experts are asking, well, how could Hamas have been moving these thousands of missiles and the guns and the people on the ground for months, if not the better part of a year, and apparently the intelligence never picked it up? It just makes you wonder. I hope there’s not more going on here that has slipped through the cracks of the intelligence community that’s putting everyone else at risk as well.”

Jansen wondered, “If that money is still sitting somewhere where they’re monitoring it, why can’t they freeze it, stop it? No, Iran. You’re not going to get this if this is what you’re doing, and continue to do. Number two, our intelligence agencies have been hyper focused on trying to convince us that domestic terrorists are our biggest threat and climate change is our biggest threat. Maybe we need to take our attention away from that and actually start protecting our own borders and our own intelligence of enemies around the world that could be a big threat to us.”

“Absolutely,” Barkdoll agreed. “You wonder, have we taken our own eyes off the ball here? We’re so focused on all of these other things and how is it that something on this large of a scale was missed? In terms of the $6 billion, if what the administration is saying is true, why can’t the House and the Senate when they reconvene this week, just legislate that you refreeze the money? If it’s never been released, and I realized the House can’t do anything, because they don’t have a speaker, but let’s assume they get a speaker on Wednesday, why not just put legislation on the floor to refreeze that money? Because it seems like that would be a very simple solution to make sure that funding stream is cut off from Iran.”