Cut bureaucratic red tape and mine rare earth minerals now

February 25 – After a bipartisan Oval Office meeting Wednesday afternoon with President Biden, responses are positive, but it would be nice if results could move a little faster.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen talked about the issue recently.

In the 90-minute meeting with President Biden yesterday, the majority of the Senators and Representatives were Republicans, including Pennsylvania’s own Congressman Joyce. The meeting discussed supply chains, microchips and rare earth minerals.

“I would like to see this move more quickly,” Barkdoll said. “Everyone seems to be in agreement that we need to strengthen these supply chains to make more stuff in the US, whether it’s medical supplies, microchips, rare earth mining. Lets’ just go on the floor and pass the legislation. Let’s do it right now.  I don’t know why there’s a delay of a year to keep studying this issue.”

Executive orders were signed following the meeting to form strategies and commissions to address the issue over the next year. Overall, the bipartisan meeting seemed quite positive.

“If you look at the comments even President Biden offered yesterday, he said even though he’s only been in office five weeks, it was the best bipartisan meeting on any issue he’s had,” Barkdoll noted.

Congressman Michael McCaul from Texas, a Senior Republican on the House Foreign Relations Committee, was also part of the meeting and had good things to say in the Dallas morning news.

“In the time of all of this strife in Washington, this truly is an issue (on which) Republicans and Democrats seem to agree,” Barkdoll added. The question arises, why the need for a year-long study?

Congressman Joyce said earlier on News Talk 103.7FM that much of the investigation and work had been done with the China Task Force.

Jansen pointed out that since Nancy Pelosi refused to let Democrats participate in that task force, could it be that “they don’t trust reports that come from just Republicans? We also have the problem of the coziness of China with some of the people who are sadly involved with the Democratic Party and businesses that paid the Democratic Party lots of money to help them get elected.”

Could those ties be playing into the delay in legislative motion?

Additionally, there are companies that the Trump administration put on a list to sanction because of their cooperation with Communist government in China. Now there’s talk as to whether those companies will get those sanctions.

Could political games be playing a role in all this?

Barkdoll pointed out the importance of the rare earth mining issue, especially with 90% of the minerals used on the earth are coming from China. These minerals are used in lithium battery production, defense weapons and medical technology. “That’s a concern when 90% of it’s coming from China,” Barkdoll said. “Most of the experts agree, the US has the capacity to be self-sufficient on rare earth mining.”

A lot of the ground for mining is in the western states.

“I’m glad this group from yesterday and the President has that on the top of their agenda,” Barkdoll said. “Whatever needs to be done bureaucratically or legislatively to cut the bureaucratic red tape to allow that to happen, that should be done immediately. Not a year from now, not six months from now. Let’s unleash that and let these companies in the US start mining these rare earth minerals.”