Current count of Chambersburg SNAP trafficking arrests sits at 53

*Updated headline: Another person was charged this afternoon. Their name was added to the list at the bottom of the page.

07 March 2024- The Office of State Inspector General (OSIG) filed public assistance fraud charges against 41 individuals during January 2024. The restitution owed to the Commonwealth in these cases totals $202,973. Additional cost savings will be realized as the defendants will be temporarily disqualified from receiving public benefits in the programs they allegedly defrauded.

OSIG investigates and prosecutes public assistance fraud and conducts collection activities for the public benefits programs administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS).

During January 2024, OSIG filed felony charges of fraudulently receiving public assistance against a total of 40 individuals and misdemeanor charges against one separate individual. It is alleged that these individuals misrepresented their household circumstances and fraudulently received taxpayer-funded public benefits to which they were not entitled.

Since February, the OSIG has also charged a number of people allegedly involved in a large SNAP trafficking operation based out of Chambersburg. While not all of the people charged are from Chambersburg (a number were actually from out-of-state locations), all were allegedly associated with the Manmanyo Mini Market/Haitian Caribbean Mini Market owned and run by Marie Registe and Duckens Paul.

That list of those arrested continued to grow, with the current number running at 52 different people. As of time of publication, the list of those charged can be found below.

  • Marie E. Registe
  • Duckens Paul
  • Bridgette Renee Fair
  • Joseph Andrew Ardrey
  • Confessor Cruz Junior
  • Courtney Leanne Cole
  • Pehiel Cetoute
  • Mirelys Caraballo
  • Jilande Bienaime
  • Larry James Ardrey
  • Sara Joel Engle
  • Gerald Patricia Beckford
  • Tahonee Alayia-Ray Fickes
  • Cheyenne Genevie
  • Ifill Levison Godderd
  • Christopher Alfreeman Harris
  • Noelle Marie Heinbaugh
  • Angela Erin Holloman
  • Darla Linchelle Johns
  • Ashly Nicole Fausey
  • Robert Wayne Fausey
  • Dina Lopez Contreras
  • Yarissa Herlera-Pena
  • Shauna Marie Conklin
  • Christopher Exave Foust
  • Toni Nichole Cross
  • Jacqueis Deanthony Staple
  • Nona Florene Radcliff
  • Angela Marie Quattlebaum
  • Kristine M. Portocarrero
  • Richard Eugene Oller Jr
  • Joseph Weston Nailor
  • Elizabeth Mae Moore
  • Alejandrina Lara Florentin
  • Eddie Lee King Jr
  • David Anthony Jones
  • Jarred Neal Cordell
  • Nadgi Ivelisse Colon
  • Laura Nicole Coby-Harder
  • Armando Baez Molina
  • Rodney Allen Brookens
  • Mark Joseph Barrows
  • Leonne Accelus
  • Tahesha Eliza Baker
  • Marylou Contreras
  • Natachali Diaz Garcia
  • Princess Daria Goode
  • Cory Lin Gottfried
  • Stephanie Nicole Lovett
  • Ashley Eugene Murdorf Jr
  • Lisa Maira Thompson
  • Leora Carolina Rivera
  • Zuleyka Rosa Revon