Current administration says “no crisis at the border.” Really?

March 8 – With the Biden administration assuring the public that there is no crisis at the border of Mexico, it’s interesting the number of officials finding evidence of disease as well as unaccompanied children coming into this country from the very border that’s supposed to be crisis free.

In fact, the US government is considering using For Lee, Va., to house the undocumented children, which begs the question, how soon until this makes it to Pennsylvania?

Predictions are in six months, COVID cases will be on the rise again because of this border policy, one that reversed President Trump’s policies to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country.

It’s happened before – illegal immigrants were dispatched to towns and cities all over the country in the past and it looks like the same groundwork is being laid again.

Pat Ryan of News Talk 103.7FM said, “Everything was fine. And (Biden) just reversed a whole bunch of things that are unleashing a terrible wave of bad all over this country. This 46 right now.”