Cuomo now under fire for possible sexual harassment

February 25 – In addition to the investigation into the discrepancy of the numbers of deaths in New York nursing homes, Governor Andrew Cuomo is now being accused of alleged sexual harassment.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen of the Big Talk on 103.7FM discussed the issue today.

In a news report, Lindsey Boylan, an ex-aide for Cuomo and a woman involved in New York economic development, claimed the governor suggested a game of strip poker and kissed her without her consent.

“Serious allegations,” Barkdoll said. “She, along now with others are saying this needs to be investigated. Could there be other people that start to emerge with similar stories?”

Cuomo is expected to comment on the issue today.

He has another year on his term and would have to run for reelection if he wants to remain governor.

“As we sit here today at the end of February, does he make it through a term, let alone run for reelection?” Barkdoll wondered. “I don’t think at this point he would get reelected. Now there’s a question of will he even finish out his term?”

Ryan added, “After the Kavanaugh hearings we’re supposed to hear every woman and believe every story.”

Interestingly, during the Kavanaugh case, Cuomo very vocally supported Christine Blasey Ford and even called on Kavanaugh to take a lie detector test.

“You see some of the New York papers are calling on Andrew Cuomo to take a lie detector test,” Barkdoll noted. “It’s very ironic how this has all turned back around. Cuomo’s very words in the Kavanaugh case are certainly now going to crop up and he’s going to have some difficult questions to answer in New York today.”