Cumberland Co. PSP Roundup: Fights and found drugs on Conestoga Drive

21 August 2023- Pennsylvania State Police say a Newville man was violating a protection from abuse order when he was arrested on August 13th. Troopers responded to a home on Bears Road in West Pennsboro Twp for a report of two Newville residents being the victims of a PFA violation. Lloyd Jones Jr was subsequently taken into custody for violation of the PFA.

Troopers are investigating found drugs at a location on S Conestoga Drive in Shippensburg earlier this month. Around 5pm on August 15th, PSP Troopers were dispatched to the 200 block of Conestoga Drive and found drugs, although where they were was not identified. PSP Carlisle continue to investigate.

A 24 year old female is looking at DUI charges following a 9pm stop on August 16th in Penn Township. Troopers pulled over an unnamed Newville woman in a 2017 Nissan Rogue for traffic violations when they determined her to be driving under the influence. Charges are pending the results of a blood test.

An argument at a place of employment leads to harassment charges for a Shippensburg woman. Cyara Rodriguez Lugo, 19, of Shippensburg was charged with summary harassment following a call around midnight on August 17th. Police responded to a location on S Conestoga Drive for a reported argument.

Rodriguez Lugo was determined to have waited in the parking lot of the victim’s employer for an extended period of time so that she could confront them when they left. Prior to police arrival, Rodriguez Lugo allegedly told the victim she wanted to fight them.