CPD say two women stole almost $8k in makeup from two Chambersburg CVS locations in 15 minutes

08 January 2024- Over 120 items and $7,900 later, two Maryland women are facing multiple felony charges from Chambersburg PD for a series of retail thefts police say they committed in the Borough. Alessandra Ciuciu and Sofia Boboc are both charged with two felony counts of retail theft. The two women both received bails of $100,000, which they both have posted.

On November 19th just after 2:30pm, Chambersburg PD were dispatched to the CVS on Wayne Avenue, Borough of Chambersburg for a reported retail theft. Believing that two women had taken a number of skin care products off the shelves without paying, CVS employees began conducting an inventory check right after the women left. Officers say in court filings that the compiled list of unaccounted for items added to 61, or $4,090.17. They were, however, able to identify the vehicle that was used in the women’s escape from the store.

While officers were conducting interviews with management at the Wayne Avenue CVS, dispatch advised that a report had just come in from the CVS located at W Washington Street in the borough for a similar crime. Speaking to that manager, officers allegedly learned that women matching descriptions of the other thieves had hit the store just 15 minutes prior to the call. An inventory at that store reportedly showed 66 items in total stolen for a retail value of $3,814.16.

In both cases combined, Ciuciu and Boboc reportedly took 127 items, totaling to $7,904.29. Through the investigation, police were able to determine the car that they used and later tracked it to them.

Alessandra Ciuciu and Sofia Boboc are free after both posted bails of $100,000.

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