CPD Roundup

CHAMBERSBURG – Saturday, 3 February 2024, Chambersburg PD put out a warrant for Ky’Jarese Damani Hicks. The warrant stated that Hicks was wanted for Robbery, Terroristic Threats and Simple Assault.

CPD, via Crimewatch, stated “Hicks put the victim in a choke hold and held a box cutter to the victim’s throat. During the assault Hicks demanded the victim give him everything he had.

On 4 February 2024, CPD arrested Hicks. Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®


For February 2024 the Chambersburg Police Department will be conducting targeted traffic enforcement details on Norland Ave. due to the increasing amount of vehicle accidents. If you are stopped during these details for a traffic violation, you will receive a citation. Please drive safely and obey all traffic laws.

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®n