COVID pins G-ASD wrestling season

GREENCASTLE—Greencastle-Antrim High School wrestlers will have to step away from the mat. District officials have cancelled the season due to COVID-19 concerns.

“Our priority is keeping our buildings open for all students. As we look at each extracurricular activity, we must assess whether we can modify the activity enough to keep students protected,” explained Superintendent Lura Hanks in a social media post. “We accept some risk in opening our schools, and have agreed to take on some degree of risk with groups, clubs and activities, as we believe they enhance the student experience and offer opportunities that prepare them for a successful future.”

The GASD wrestling program takes place in the district’s primary school in a room off the cafeteria, she said and that the cafeteria, rest rooms and general space usage comprises young students, which was also a contributing factor to the decision.

Hanks said there are three sports that are categorized as “high risk” according to PIAA—football, competitive cheer-leading and wrestling.

“With football, we were able to provide face shields for all helmets,” Hanks said. “While we don’t offer competitive cheer, we did eliminate all contact stunts. We are simply unable to modify wrestling to a degree that we were comfortable putting students at risk when interacting with outside communities. We hope that families will understand this difficult decision and trust that there were no other intentions.”