Court filings reveal Chambersburg-area Constable preyed on women in jail, groomed and assaulted underage girls


19 September 2023- Court records released following the arrest of Timothy Raye Heefner show a years long, deliberate, brazen, and disgusting series of events that lead to him being put behind bars. On September 13th, Heefner was arrested following a multi-year investigation by Chambersburg PD in conjunction with the Franklin County District Attorney’s Office that saw the man his victims called “Timbo” charged with 704 total crimes. Heefner is behind bars in Franklin County Jail, the place he called into dozens of times to contact his victims, on a bail of $1,250,000.

Chambersburg PD were alerted to Heefner’s transgressions in July of 2021 through a Child and Youth Services 104 Report, which detailed a small portion of his alleged abuse. The initial report asserted that Heefner would “prey on young girls with drug addictions” and specifically target 18-29 year old girls that either needed money or drugs. Soon after the initial report, CPD Corporal Iverson met with members of the Franklin County District Attorney’s Office due to prior reports of Heefner possibly using his employment as a PA State Constable to get many of the women he abused.

Between August of 2021 and fall of 2022, Corporal Iverson, CPD, and the FCDA’s Office gathered a sickening amount of evidence against Heefner through multiple interviews, over 33,000 pages worth of Facebook messages, and other investigative means.

CPD say that through the interviews Heefner would go after “jail girls” or those in financial straits and supply them with money or drugs in exchange for sex acts. Heefner would target women known to be “dope sick”, or women who were suffering from withdrawal of opioids, and supply them with either “dope” (heroin) or “subs” (suboxone). Through the use of potentially over 80 women and girls, Heefner allegedly used coded language and abbreviations to get what he wanted. He would refer to sex acts as “oil changes” or “tire rotations”, call the victims “SBs” (sugar babies) and himself as “SD” (sugar daddy). Sometimes Heefner would spend extravagant amounts of money on these women, supplying them with multi-state trips, shopping sprees, and copious amounts of drugs, but always in return for sexual favors.

One of the more sickening things alleged by CPD is Heefner’s use of “FFs”, or finders fees. Heefner would allegedly solicit more women to take advantage of by using the women he already had under him to get their friends and even family members under his financial and dope-stained thumbs. Multiple victims told investigators that Heefner would give them $100 if they got other disadvantaged female friends and family members to become one of his sugar babies. Sometimes this would end up with a mother and daughter, two sisters, or friends all under his financial control.

It is important to mention that, according to investigators, Heefner solicited sex acts from minors or contacted them prior to them becoming 18. While it seems that Heefner may have tried to keep up a veil of grooming them until they were 18, investigators detailed multiple instances where Heefner had sex with or asked for sex from girls who were 17, 16, sometimes as young as 14-15.

Disturbingly, Chambersburg PD and the DA’s Office allege that Heefner was incredibly brazen during calls to the Franklin County Jail, which again was one of his main hunting grounds for disadvantaged women. Police say that during a call on June 4th, 2021, Heefner asked a female inmate to tell his “friends” hello except for a specific inmate who Heefner appeared to identify by her initials. During the same call, Heefner allegedly said “life’s like a corndog, man, ya know, the b*****s only want some wiener if you got bread around it”

This continued and became even more brazen, with him allegedly saying on January 14, 2022, “Hey cops if you’re listening remember that, remember that I got a new sugar daddy card”, then later referring to himself as “the big pump of the East Coast”. He later mentioned in the call that he needed an “oil change”, following it up by saying “that’s for the cops so they have something to laugh about”. It should be noted that the investigation into Heefner was well underway at this point.

The bold attitude allegedly continued on other calls, with Heefner allegedly saying through the jail monitored phone on January 24th, 2022, “That’s why they constantly listen to my calls, because they just think I’m like some f****n’ international pimp, because I got so many women”. He then goes on to call himself more prolific than Santa Claus.

Investigators assembled at least 10 victims to testify in front of Grand Jury held in the winter of 2022-2023. These victims detailed the acts and demeanor of Heefner, with them continuing for days of testimony. Police allege that Heefner had 80 “sugar babies/bi****s”, both inside and outside of Pennsylvania. To keep track of all these women, Heefner allegedly had a “spreadsheet” or chart he used to document his sexual interactions with women, his nicknames for them, what they wanted for drugs or money, and anything else he needed to know. He even reportedly “ranked” the women and had “top girls” who received preferential treatment. At Heefner’s N Main Street apartment in Chambersburg he allegedly kept approximately 20 toothbrushes and hygiene bags with different victim’s names on them.

One of the interviewees, identified as V10, said of Heefner “he knew if he wanted to keep them hooked, he needed to have somebody who had what they wanted”. He would transport some of them to West Virginia, Baltimore, and other places for drug buys.

Multiple victims also allege Heefner would “throw girls” to his friends, who could use the victims for sex. It should be noted that as of time of publication it appears that nobody else has been charged in this incident besides Timothy Heefner.

Importantly, multiple victims allege that Heefner used his position as a PA Constable to both gain access to his victims but also to keep them dependent to him. It was reportedly common for Heefner to text these women on the job, gain access to them at the Franklin County Jail and through records, as well as leverage his position during interactions. If a victim would not provide Heefner with sex, investigators say he could threaten them and say that he or his friends could get them in trouble for their drug related actions. One of the victims, V11, told the Grand Jury that Heefner acted “superior” because he was a PA State Constable and appeared to have information and “know everything”.

On June 12th, 2023, members of Chambersburg PD executed a search warrant on Heefner’s apartment on North Main Street in Chambersburg. Heefner allegedly was wearing the same t-shirt that he was previously wearing in videos that a confidential informant shot while she went to Heefner’s apartment. The t-shirt appeared to have a cartoon image of an elderly male and a young female on it with the text “sugar daddies have more fun”.

Located in Heefner’s apartment, police allegedly found a blanket with pictures of women on it, multiple travel toothbrush kits, a micro SD card, several segar daddy prepaid cards, PA Constable documentation, one “sugar daddy” candy box, over 100 letters from female inmates, and a t-shirt that read “get higher than the Ho’s in Chambersburg @Southgate @ Carsons in Hagerstown @ 7 Star @ Reach”.

Timothy “Timbo” Heefner is behind bars in Franklin County Jail on $1.25M bail. His preliminary hearing in Chambersburg is set for September 26th.

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