Couple charged with breaking into St Thomas laundromat, found with lockpicking tools

14 August 2023- Two Pennsylvania residents are behind bars today after allegedly breaking into a St Thomas laundromat, only to be caught heading down Lincoln Way West shortly after. Alexander Dasilva of Somerset and Karleigh Marie Jackson of Mercersburg are both behind bars. Dasilva is charged with felony burglary, felony criminal trespassing, and misdemeanor theft. Jackson is charged with felony burglary, felony criminal trespassing, and misdemeanor conspiracy to commit theft. Dasilva failed to post bail of $15,000 and Jackson failed to post $2,500 bail.

Pennsylvania State Police were called to the Countryside Coin Laundry on Lincoln Way West in St Thomas around 3:45am on August 14th. Before arriving, police were informed that two people were attempting to steal quarters out of machines, with a man using a yellow stick to fish quarters out of the machine. Both of the people left shortly before police arrived but in an unknown vehicle. Police, however, were given a physical description of both the alleged burglars.

It only reportedly took seconds for Troopers to arrive in the area of Lincoln Way West near the laundromat where they pulled over a silver Jeep Patriot with Maryland plates. The two occupants, Alexander Dasilva and Karleigh Jackson, matched the description given by the laundromat owner. Additionally, Dasilva reportedly had multiple quarters in his hands when police approached.

Police took Dasilva and Jackson into custody and searched the vehicle, eventually finding a black leather case in the front seats containing lock picking tools. Dasilva allegedly told police that he was the one who took the quarters out of the machine.

Dasilva and Jackson are both behind bars after failing to post bail. Their preliminary hearings are set for August 22nd.

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