Couple arrested after allegedly squatting in Waynesboro home for three months

22 January 2024- Two people have been arrested by Washington Township PD following an investigation into a home on Crofton Circle, Waynesboro. Kristy Nicole Bryan and Leon Allen Bryan are both charged with felony burglary, felony criminal trespassing, misdemeanor possession of offensive weaponry, misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Both Kristy and Leon Bryan are behind bars on $25,000 bail.

Washington Township PD were dispatched on January 21st to a reported burglary or trespassing at a home on Crofton Circle, Waynesboro, PA. Officers were told that there was reportedly a woman and man sleeping inside the home but nobody was supposed to be there. Meeting up with the homeowner, officers were able to enter the home with the use of their keys.

When officers arrived the made their presence verbally known, with a man dressed only in gray slacks coming to meet them. That man, later identified as Leon Bryan, was detained and handcuffed. As Bryan was handcuffed, a female then approached the officers and was also taken into custody. That woman would later be identified as Kristy Bryan.

Officers quickly learned that no one else was in the house but it was cleared to be safe. They did, however, learn that hypodermic needles, marijuana paraphernalia, and other drug items were in the home so a drug sniffing dog was brought in. That dog positively identified multiple marijuana items, including a bowl, a grinder, and a set of brass knuckles found near them. WTPD officers also found the hypodermic needles, which they later would learn contained methamphetamine.

Leon and Kristy Bryan were interviewed at WTPD station individually following a clean sweep of the home. Officers say that they learned from Leon that the two had gained entry to the home through an unlocked back basement door and had been staying there since October 2023. During the interview, Leon Bryan reportedly told officers that they had never ate or stole anything from the house but that they had used the tools and then replaced them.

Officers attempted to interview Kristy Bryan but found that she was either deaf or severely hard of hearing. After writing questions down, Bryan reportedly told officers that she didn’t understand and started to mumble. When asked how long she was at the house, Kristy Bryan also allegedly just mumbled before the interview being discontinued.

The homeowner was interviewed after, with her allegedly telling police that both her parents had passed away and she was the executer of their estate. The Bryans, it was learned, were not allowed to be in the home at that time.

Kristy and Leon Bryan are behind bars on $25,000 bail.

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