County names employee of the month

Shown above: Commissioner John Flannery, Sheriff Dane Anthony, Commissioner Dave Keller, Deputy Sheriff Angel Laviena and Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski. PROVIDED PHOTO

CHAMBERSBURGAngel Laviena has been named December employee of the month by the Franklin County Commissioners

Laviena has been employed with the county since August of 2006 and is currently a Deputy Sheriff serving with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

The selection for the December 2020 Employee of the Month was determined by the Special Thanks and Recognition Committee.

The STAR nomination form asks what recent event or occurrence prompted you to select Angel Laviena and the answers stated:

“On December 1, 2020, while in community presence in Waynesboro, we were in the area of Main and Broad Streets near the Post Office. Deputy Laviena observed a young lady in a wheelchair struggling to navigate her way up the sidewalk. At the time it was snowing and the temperature was around freezing. Since I was in the vehicle behind Deputy Laviena, I observed him pull into the parking lot adjacent to the Post Office. Without hesitation, Deputy Laviena immediately approached the young lady and offered his assistance. The lady stated she needed to get to the bank three blocks away and was very appreciative of Deputy Laviena’s willingness to help her. Deputy Laviena then proceeded to push her in the wheelchair three blocks to the bank and assisted her inside, as I stayed with his vehicle.”

“Deputy Laviena never hesitated for one minute, recognizing the young lady needing immediate assistance. Deputy Laviena not only represented humanity in the most excellent way but also the Franklin County Sheriff’s office, as well as the entire entity of Franklin County. In a time such as 2020, with everything that has been thrown at humanity, it is refreshing to know that good people still exist and are willing to extend a hand; it provides hope to those who might consider otherwise. Deputy Laviena went clearly above and beyond his scope of responsibilities to assist another human being.”

Laviena’s outstanding characteristics are attributes that have not gone unnoticed by his peers. The nomination form describes him as possessing a willingness to help others without hesitation, having a positive attitude, and conscientious of representing not only himself but the County in a positive light.

“We are grateful to Mr. Angel Laviena as he exudes a high standard of customer service, excellence, and respect to the employees and residents of Franklin County,” said Commissioner Dave Keller.