Could there be tapes on the Biden bribery scheme? 

June 13 – On the US Senate floor yesterday, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley revealed there are apparently taped recordings of Hunter Biden and then-vice president Joe Biden in discussions with a Ukrainian energy company about an alleged bribery scheme with a foreign national that may have influenced US policy decisions. 

There are allegedly 15 to 17 recorded conversations between executives at Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine, and both Hunter and Joe Biden. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted that Grassley “didn’t disclose if the Senate has these in their possession, how these tapes have come to light or when they might be released. I thought it was telling, I’ve repeatedly made comments last year, why is this Delaware US Attorney taking forever to get this investigation finished? Remember this was the one US Attorney in the country, the holdover from the Trump administration. This was a Trump appointee. When Biden comes in, as is customary, the president fires all the US attorneys and replaces them with his own picks. They left this one in place because he had the Biden investigation pending. For political and just legal purposes, the optics were we don’t want to tamper with this guy. But here we are now, another two plus years later, and no report. Grassley also made some critical comments about that yesterday. Why is this taking forever when it seems like the Senate and other places have gathered their own evidence, but yet nothing out of this US Attorney in Delaware?

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “We keep hearing accusations of purposeful slow walking of anything having to do or with Hunter Biden or Joe Biden or investigating these seemingly obvious signs of problems. They did say the 1023 form, the one that was looked at, the part that was redacted apparently referred to these tapes. I don’t know how then chuck Grassley knew about it, if it was a whistleblower that told him or how else he found out about it, but this is really a horrific because apparently these were then known a long time ago. So you have to wonder all of the accusations against Donald Trump remember, he was impeached the first time for the that conversation that he supposedly was asking about some of the stuff going on with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Ukraine. Everybody was acting like that was all just made up and a narrative and not true, but you have to wonder now did some of our security agencies already know there was more than enough smoke indicating that there was problems with the Bidens? To know this all along and to see what we’ve seen happen this will be really terribly upsetting to the whole country if proof of this comes out.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “And if the press actually covers it. The whole mantra of do your job really should be coming back loud and clear here.”

Jansen continued, “Remember supposedly the Russia collusion is what compromised Trump. Oh, he’s a national security risk. They have control over him. Now we found out that was all fake based on hearsay from a bar conversation. And here they may have had audio tapes, showing real compromise of this current sitting president. And we have nothing, no media curiosity, nothing?”

Barkdoll said, “I would love to know how long these tapes have existed and when were they discovered by both the US Attorney, intelligence officials and these US Senators? Grassley obviously had a tip or a lead on this. Maybe yesterday is the first he knew about it and he came out right away and talked about it. But again, if you look at his words carefully, the Senate does not appear to have possession of these tapes, nor does the intelligence community. Grassley is saying this Burisma executive has claimed that he has these 15 to 17 tapes. It’s not clear from Grassley’s comments if anyone in the US government or the intelligence community has actually listened to them or verified that they exist. But the fact that Grassley came out and said it, he must feel that there’s some evidence, some credibility to confirm that these tapes are really out there.”

Ryan said, “It’s very disturbing where we are and getting anything out of this press to step on the gas is it’s beyond me at this point.”