Could the wins in the European Union yesterday show signs of hope for the future? 

June 10 – There were some interesting results over the weekend in the European Union. 

The far-right parties made major gains in parliamentary elections on Sunday night. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “We’re just human beings. We’re trying to get what’s right for our kids, what’s right for our checkbook. Get the government out of my bedroom and get the government out of my hair. While the headline says oh, right wing, what we got here is we’ve got people that have finally had quite the hell enough. Frankly, it’s the extreme left after stuff and the climate stuff and the energy assault and the social agendas and either you comply or else. I think it’s on its last charge here and a sign of things, hopefully for the US after the wins in the EU yesterday over the weekend.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “You look at the polling, doesn’t this sound familiar? Immigration, inflation, and the economy are the biggest concerns for voters, and they’re tired of the progressive policies that keep getting these EU nations into these same problems that we’re having here. Now, we should say, and this gets a little bit confusing, but these were elections for the European Union parliament. So these were not country-specific elections, but they nonetheless, I think, reflect where things are. The French President Macron, has immediately called for a country-wide election later this month. He had a comment that we can no longer ignore the clear sentiment of the public. I wonder, are you going to start to see some of these country-specific elections go in the same direction, really changing course, to get away from these policies that are fueling immigration and inflation problems?”

Ryan added, “It would be the bellwether, it would be a governor, or would be some things that you’d see in the United States that would be a bellwether for here’s what’s on the horizon.” 

Barkdoll said, “We’ve seen this before. I mean, you go back over time, think about Brexit, that might have been something that some would say was a bellwether, other officials that have been elected over there. A lot of these problems are common to just the human condition. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you’re being affected by massive immigration and inflation and economic problems, you’re going to vote in a certain way and I think that’s what you’re seeing in the EU there over the weekend.”