Could the Medical Freedom Act make it through the PA legislature?

June 14 – State Senator Doug Mastriano reintroduced the Medical Freedom Act earlier this year to the PA General Assembly. 

The bill would prohibit a state agency or political subdivision from mandating an individual to receive a COVID-19 vaccination; clearly state that an individual in the Commonwealth may not be discriminated against, denied services or denied medical care for refusal to accept a COVID-19 vaccination; and prohibit all employers in the state from taking any adverse employment action against an individual who declines a COVID-19 vaccination.

Mastriano said, “I’m hoping it happens. I think it’s going to be upon party lines. Sadly, I might be lucky for one or two Democrats that are paying attention that they were wrong. They were bullies, most of them. If you remember, I’m not speaking hyperbole. There we are on the floor of the Senate being sworn in and if you didn’t have a mask on many of the Democrats are screaming and wailing and crying out, condemning people without having masks on.” 

Were the masks really effective? 

Mastriano said, “They’re bullying people to do what they thought was right. We were right on the masks. It had zero effect. We were right on the ultimate treatments. We were right on our constitutional rights should not have been infringed upon. The Medical Freedom bill merely reasserts a right that I believe exists, but we actually have to codify it since we have governors and governments that think they should be able to coerce you and force you to lose your job or not to be invited to school if you’re not abiding by whatever regimen that is the latest and greatest. It’s ironic that Democrats when they’re talking about abortion you know, my body my choice, well, if you follow the science, which these people lectured us about so much during COVID, three years ago, we have been. It’s a logical fallacy to compare a pregnancy because that’s somebody else’s life but when it really is your life, and no one else’s life, they want to tell you that you have to follow this regimen, you have to take these jabs, otherwise you’ll lose your job. This bill would protect you from losing a job.”

Could the bill pass? 

Mastriano said, “I’d be shocked if Josh Shapiro would sign it into law because that’s not who he is. He’s about power and control. He’s a typical modern day Democrat that’s all about telling you how to live your life not you deciding how to live your life.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “But we also have clear evidence. Here’s where the whole thing went south. It’s right before you. You saw the overreach. You saw the hysteria that went alongside with it. Is it up to us to make that call to the governor’s office and say you know what? You should err on the right side of history this time around here. Is that what it’s going to take? Because I imagine you will have some people flip over to your side on the opposite side of the party, but then getting the governor to sign it, is that what you’re encouraging your constituents and the people across the Commonwealth to call the governor after this gets to his desk? He’s got to sign this.”

Mastriano said, “That’s the only way it’s going to happen. If Governor Shapiro sees that the overwhelming population wants to have medical freedom and they do, if he if he believes that I think there might be a chance he would switch his position on that because obviously the man has ambitions beyond Pennsylvania. We all know it’s always about posturing for the next seat. So with those with those political considerations, he might. That’s why it’s important that we just don’t throw up our arms, my vote doesn’t count. With that kind of weak attitude then you’re just going to toss your nation to the wolves. Make your phone calls. Always be polite. This is about political engagement. It’s not about hostility. You know, I stood next to Nancy Pelosi, and I think she’s one of the most corrupt most radical left wingers that’s in politics, and I didn’t feel the need to tell her my opinion of her. I was respectful and courteous. I expect the same from every Republican towards Democrats, no matter how radical they are. There’s a time and place where you can vent your spleen and let them know what you think. But in this case here, it’s always about being polite. I’m emphatic Governor Shapiro, that you support medical freedom. You say my body, my choice, prove it when it’s my body I want to have sovereignty over.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “The medical freedom panel discussion that you held that you had Dr. Peter McCullough there, some people call him controversial. I would say he was pretty prescient on some of the things. It doesn’t mean he got to everything 100 percent right, because that’s the nature of science and trying different treatments and trying to figure things out. We’ve seen more and more evidence that not everybody, not only did they not greatly benefit from the vaccines in the sense that it’s not permanent immunity, it’s more like the flu shot, but there’s also side effects and certainly some people have been affected by that. The problem is this was an emergency vaccine. We didn’t do all the long research and delve into all these possibilities the way we would normally do. It’s understandable why it was emergency, but why doesn’t that seem to have any impact on the idea that it shouldn’t be mandatory now? Especially because we know that herd immunity has spread. We’re not having young, healthy people drop dead from this or even get very sick. I don’t understand the stubborn obstinance about just keeping this as a mandatory vaccine.”

Mastriano said, “We started off the hearing with two witnesses. (One was) a nurse and she wanted to keep working so she got the jab and wow, it just laid her out. It devastated her. She’s still having a hard time. She’s getting now natural treatments from a clinic up in Mechanicsburg and it’s helping her in a way that sadly conventional medicine has not been able to. She wishes she would have known the risks. Of course there’s always risks with vaccines. And then Renee testified and when she got the jab several years ago, it devastated her. She had to move in with her six year old daughter back in her parent’s house because she needs care and help. And coming to our hearing, she told us this the first time that she’s left the house for any substantial amount of time, since she got the jab several years ago. So these are real lives that have been devastated. They weren’t given proper informed consent. They were not made aware. In fact, they were told and they both testified they were told on TV, by leaders of our government, by our governor and others, it’s safe. There’s virtually no risk. And that’s just false advertising. If it’s emergency use only, we have no ideas on the long term effects obviously. According to Dr. McCullough’s research, there’s three major bad batches out of one of the major pharmaceuticals and they said one of the batches was bad, and that’s where I think 75% of the bad reports are coming out of this one batch.”

Jansen said, “I actually personally know two people. One temporarily, but kind of scary effect on a young woman with prolonged bleeding and then we don’t know what long effects that might have. I have a friend who had to drop out of a work group of mine because his immune system is shot ever since getting both COVID and then to follow all the vaccines. He got them all and now he can’t fight anything, can’t fight a cold, gets sick with everything. It’s just amazing to me.”