Could the hubris and arrogance of one man be the reason for this global pandemic?

November 29 – Chatter has started up again over the weekend about another possible nationwide shut down due to the latest coronavirus variant, called omicron, originating in Africa.

Travel restrictions are already in place for a number of African countries.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the pandemic this morning during the Big Talk on First News. 

Barkdoll said, “I just don’t think the public would accept any kind of a shut down, whether it’s from the federal or the state level. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see precautions, restrictions coming back. Whether that’s courtesy social distancing in a grocery store or optional masks again in the stores. A lot of the experts over the weekend are saying they’re concerned about this variant, but they’re also saying it’s going to take about two weeks until they really know is this thing as bad as they’re thinking it might be or might this be an over-reaction? You saw over the weekend these cases are now starting to pop up all over the world.”

Jansen pointed out, “The doctor who first brought attention to this in South Africa is saying, uh, wait a minute, it’s milder. It has some unusual symptoms, but it seems to be milder than the original COVID. Nobody seems to be listening to him, though. I think there’s a lot of over-reaction to this at this point, at least in terms of what we do and don’t know about it. As this doctor said it seems to be a milder active COVID. Maybe more infectious and that’s typical as these things become mutated, the ones that can spread easier are the ones that don’t kill their host, so it’s not surprising it would be a milder infection. There’s even indications that the vaccines now in place do work against it.”

Barkdoll said, “I think these are important points because that doctor did say that and they also said that with this variant they’re seeing that people do not lose their sense of taste and smell. Now they are saying it seems to make people more fatigues, but it seems to be milder variant. I’m also struck, you see that Pfizer and Moderna have already come out and said they think they can develop or modify boosters for the vaccine that would protect against this variant even though it looks like the existing vaccine might already provide a high-level of protection against the variant. Again, we’ll see over the next two weeks what other research and information is released on this, but the world of course is watching all of this very, very closely.”

Ryan said, “And how the world has not taken China out to the woodshed is beyond me. I just don’t get it. You’ve got the UN or you’ve got the World Health Organization. I don’t care who it is, but all of us collectively should point the finger where the Wuhan virus originated.”

And we can’t forget about that one man mentioned in the headline – Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Jansen added, “Along with maybe Dr. Anthony Fauci and others who decided in their arrogance that this kind of research was so important they were going to bypass and they did bypass certain laws prohibiting the use of taxpayer money for this and they got around it.”

Ryan asked, “Are we still spending that money right now? I’d like John Joyce to give me an answer on that. Are we still funding gain of function research? Are we still funding any of this research from this freaking monster? And where are the lawmakers? Where is the public not going completely ballistic?”

Jansen suggested, “How about we start by firing Tony Fauci.”

Ryan said, “He’s not going anywhere. He’s a deep-stater that’s certainly in the sack with this administration. That guy is not going anywhere. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t elevated him to king.”

Audio of Dr. Fauci was played where he said, “The positive effect is to get us better prepared to rev up on the vaccination, to be really ready for something that may not actually be a big deal. We want to make sure that we’re prepared for the worst and that’s what we should be doing.”

Jansen said, “He actually says if you attack me, you’re attacking science. Again. This is the second time he’s made this outrageous and ridiculous claim. There’s a book out about him from Robert Kennedy. There is lots of documentation that has come forth. There’s every indication that this arrogant man is partially responsible for this happening to the world. Not that he did it intentionally to do something bad, but that he was so arrogant to keep funding this kind of research when other very prominent scientists were saying and warning this could lead to a dangerous outbreak if something would leak from a lab.”

Ryan added, “Remember the Wuhan laboratory had just as much safety and security as a dentist office when messing around with this disaster unleashed on the world.”

Jansen confirmed, “There were experts warning it did not have the kind of safety precautions it needed and even with all the safety precautions, scientists were worried there would be a leak.”

Barkdoll said, “I’m puzzled, too, why the government hasn’t done more to address China. I blame Biden. I blame Trump. I blame the Democrats in Congress. I blame the Republicans in Congress. This is not new. We knew this last spring, last summer. I never understood, even when Trump was in office, they would openly talk about China did this and we’re going to do something. They did absolutely nothing about it. Trump did nothing about it. Congress did nothing about it. Biden’s doing nothing about it. This new Democratic Congress is doing nothing about it. You talk to the people on the street, everyone is sharing the opinion that we’d like to see something done. I don’t care what party you’re in, how this happened, but Congress, president, can you do something? Let’s do some action here for all of this damage that has been caused and Fauci has given inconsistent statement after inconsistent statement now for almost two years. He’s not going to be fired. Trump wouldn’t touch him. Biden surely isn’t going to touch him and yet, he’s still sort of the government’s front person every time one of these things comes up. He did every Sunday show yesterday. He’s now giving all sorts of new guidance. I think correctly some of the elected officials are saying we’ve lost credibility. We can’t just keep coming out every time this happens and have Fauci as the spokesperson because the public just isn’t going to listen to him. There are even some new books out that are tracing this virus to the lab. The more research that’s done on this, it does not look like it generated out of a market. This was a manmade feature or virus, but our government seemingly is not interested in doing anything about it.”