Could Pennsylvania be one of the states that sends National Guard troops to Texas? 

January 31 — West Virginia has joined the 14 states that have sent National Guard troops to Texas to help with Operation Lonestar at the southern border. 

What are the chances Pennsylvania will join the coalition? 

State Senator Doug Mastriano is calling on Governor Josh Shapiro to send National Guard troops to Texas. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested, “I could bet cash money that this governor and his political aspirations and where he leans is not going to do a darn thing with the Pennsylvania National Guard.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll agreed, “He’s not going to do anything with this. I think there’s merit to this proposal. Fourteen other states are doing it. Every state is now a border community because this insurgence of illegal immigrants is ending up everywhere, small towns, big cities, all over the country. That’s the rationale that a lot of these other states are using. They want to help Texas. They want to help the United States get in front of this. But I would be really surprised if Shapiro acts on this. At the National Guard level of course it is the governor and only the governor that has the authority to deploy the troops and I just don’t see him doing it.”

Ryan said, “The governor certainly knows John Fetterman and Fetterman seems like he’s being the rogue Senator from Pennsylvania. I wonder if there’s any appetite out of the Fetterman camp?” 

Barkdoll said, “Fetterman has been very critical of the Biden administration on their lack of response to this southern border crisis. Remember it was last week Fetterman made that quote that the American Dream is dying because of all these illegal immigrants coming into the country. I mean, that that could not have sat well with a lot of the progressive groups. But you do wonder on an issue like this, does Fetterman pick up the phone? Yes, he is someone that Governor Shapiro would take that phone call. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fetterman would get behind the idea of deploying National Guard troops. I frankly think it would be politically popular. I mean, all of the polls show huge majorities of Americans including Independents and Democrats agree that there’s a problem. I think there could be some political benefit to the governor doing this, but I just don’t see him taking action in spite of perhaps what Fetterman might otherwise encourage him to do.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Because there’s not one Democratic governor in the entire country, willing to join the Republican governors on this. I hate this team mentality. It’s not like these states, including the ones run by Democrats, are not suffering from this open border. They won’t say it’s a crisis but they do say finally that it’s not completely secure. Fetterman did call it a crisis. But I’d love to see just one governor have the guts and the courage to say yeah, you know what, what Texas is doing is right. We see all the problems happening here. How come we don’t see even one Democrat Governor doing this?”

Barkdoll confirmed, “It’s all politics, isn’t it? And I hate that aspect of these problems as well. No Democratic governor wants to step up, send troops and acknowledge openly that we have a crisis.”

The same thing is happening in the debate in Congress. 

Barkdoll said, “You’re seeing some people on the record saying, we don’t want to make a deal because this is a good political issue for 2024 and let’s let the problem fester for another 10 or 11 months so we can win or our side can win politically. Once again it seems like whether it’s on that argument with these governors, or some of these Republicans in Congress, it’s party before country and we’re the ones that end up suffering from it.”

Jansen said, “You just can’t trust that Biden will actually do this. They’ve broken the trust too many times. So the argument that we need to do something now through Congress, to me, is ridiculous, because Biden has the power to close this border. He doesn’t need to get this so-called deal through Congress to do it. I know some argue, well, it’s better to do some than none but to me, it’s absurd, because we’re going to just put a bandaid once again over this border without really closing it and God forbid the Democrats win again in November because does anyone believe that they’ll follow through and actually secure the border then? I certainly don’t.”

Barkdoll noted, “Biden could do an executive order today reinstating the Remain in Mexico policy and it would put a big dent in this migration every day over that southern border. But again, I think for him, it’s party over country. If he does that, he would be acknowledging that the Trump policy was correct and it was more effective and he doesn’t want to lose that politically, to say that Trump was correct. It’s really unfortunate that that’s the kind of thing that gets in the way of solving these problems.”