Could it be a Mastriano/Daniels pairing for Governor and Lieutenant Governor in Pennsylvania?

January 13 – Teddy Daniels has announced he is now running for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania after dropping out of the race for the US Congress seat in Scranton.

In a field of four others running for lieutenant governor, Daniels has gotten an endorsement from State Senator Doug Mastriano.

Pat Ryan said, “I like this. I like this a lot. You put those two together and you’ve got some real power going on there. Great servants to the country, not the swamp-dwellers that a Corman or other people in that field would be. Certainly not career politicians.”

Could Daniels and Mastriano be considering running together as a ticket?

Another interesting aside, John Baer, arguably the most seasoned political print reporter in Pennsylvania, who has been with the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News and is now Penn Live, has a column today saying he believes there’s a very real chance Mastriano could be the Republican nominee for governor.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, ‘It’s the same reasoning we’ve been discussing for weeks. Baer’s pointing out that it’s a very crowded field. Doug has a lane carved out. He’s got a lot of support around the state and he could capture the nomination with a fairly small percentage of the primary votes and it’s interesting when you see someone like a John Baer coming out with that observation.”

Ryan added, “And then all Doug has to do – and he’s done it effectively time and time again over this COVID and now as we emerge out of it – is reposition all the field of where were you when the bullets were flying? Where were you when there were tears flying and there were problems happening on a day to day basis? Doug was taking phone calls on this radio station from around the state.”

Michele Jansen pointed out, “I think Doug has that arrow in his quiver because he was the one that stuck his neck out. Early. When we saw Wolf going down the path of an authoritarian shut down of this state, he stuck his neck out early. Regardless of other criticisms you have of Doug Mastriano, he has that to hold up in front of Pennsylvanian’s.”

Daniels was able to get some good name recognition running for the Congressional seat in 2020. He came in second in the primary to the person who won the seat.

Jansen continued, “He’s going to utilize that and he’s getting some notoriety for his good speeches. I know some will criticize saying maybe it’s too hard, those two, and again, they don’t run together necessarily, but they’re complementary, but we’re seeing people who are willing to go to bat who have a backbone and that’s what people want to see. We are so sick of politicians or candidates who measure everything they do by these consultants and their strategy.”

Ryan added, “Do you want more swamp? You’ve got an excellent example of swamp right now back in office in Washington.”

Daniels said on Saturday during Mastriano’s official announcement of his run for governor, “I got a phone call from somebody in the Pennsylvania GOP and they said Teddy I heard you’re going to Doug Mastriano’s announcement today and I said yes I am and they said you can’t put your name on him. If you put your name on him, the party will never, ever, ever support you and any future that you plan to have in politics in the state of Pennsylvania will be over. So, here’s my reply:  Colonel Mastriano, you, sir, have my full support and endorsement for governor of Pennsylvania.”

The crowd cheered.

Barkdoll said, “It’s the anti-establishment platform. It’s a very appealing message. Getting back to John Baer’s column he brings the same thing up. Doug’s anti-establishment platform resonates with a lot of voters.”

If the fall stage is Mastriano as the Republican nominee for governor and Josh Shapiro as the Democrat nominee for governor, there will be a number of distinct differences between the two.

Barkdoll continued, “There is wide angst among the electorate, Republicans and Democrats, that are dissatisfied with Washington politicians. There is a huge appetite for change in the government at all levels right now.”