Could enforcing current federal laws be what it takes to end the mess at the southern border? 

January 16 – With the current overwhelming issues at our southern border – hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing over in a month’s time – it seems like all our legislators want to do is argue over specifics in a bill to cut government spending. 

Some are going so far as to say they will not vote on a spending bill until the immigration issue is addressed. 

But isn’t the answer to the porous southern border already in the laws of this country? 

Republican Senator Mike Lee from Utah thinks that it is. He believes Biden has the authority to stop all of this, but he just won’t. 

Lee says federal law does not provide immigrants an unconditional right to asylum. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “I don’t understand why House Republicans and other Republicans aren’t making more of a message of the fact that we don’t need any more legislation to do anything at the border for it to be brought under control. Joe Biden already has all the law and power he needs to do this. I think it’s a great point and why don’t Republicans just dig in on that and say do your job and then get the funding you want?”

Congressman John Joyce said, “It’s something that I heard just two weeks ago, when I was at the border at Eagle Pass in Texas where we visited. We’ve been clear as Republicans and Speaker Johnson has been clear in his discussions that border security is something that’s absolutely necessary. It’s common sense that we’ve already passed HR 2 and Schumer has not put that forward. But securing our border would mean reconstructing, bringing back the construction of the border wall. It would allow Biden if he had the courage to reinstate Remain in Mexico. That’s what the Border Patrol agents told me. They want no more funds. They want us to stop the massive influx of illegal immigrants that are coming across our southern border. That can easily occur if Biden steps up, but he’s not going to do it. We need to push that legislation forward because Biden doesn’t have the courage to do that. Mike Johnson has had those discussions. He shared those with us in conference. That’s why we put forth HR 2, which is the Secure the Border Act, which would, again, bring back President Trump’s Remain in Mexico. It would provide Border Patrol agents with the tools and the resources that they need.”

In 2009, 44,000 illegal immigrants crossed the southern border. Last month, 302,000 immigrants crossed the border – that’s a big jump. 

Joyce continued, “Any legislation that the Senate puts forth needs to include border security before it would ever be viable in the House. The American people elected Republicans to secure the border and not to bring in any more illegal immigrants, not to bring in any more drugs.”

Last week, Pennsylvania State Police reported they have confiscated more than 800 pounds of cocaine and more than 240 pounds of fentanyl in 2023.

Joyce said, “Fentanyl was actually three times in volume, in pounds, three times the amount of heroin and it’s just a telltale sign of what an open southern border does. It brings these poisons into our communities. We need to secure that border and I think that if President Trump was back in office as quickly as possible, that is going to be the security. But until that occurs, we have to stand up to the Senate. We have to stand up to Biden, and any further legislation has to entail securing our border. I think it’s so important that this issue is first and foremost. When I’m in the district talking to people, even this past weekend, that’s what I heard when I was checking out the supermarket. That’s what I heard from folks who are coming out of church. We need to secure the border and those who control the purse, the US House of Representatives have the capability of doing that.”