Could Chambersburg see buses of migrant families from the southern border?

CHAMBERSBURG – With reports of buses full of migrant families pulling into cities around the country and, quite literally, dropping off the people and leaving, questions are coming up: could we see the same in Chambersburg? 

It’s already happened in Richmond, Va. 

The towns are then faced with what are we going to do? We have to feed, we have to clothe, we have to educate and we have to house at “we” expense. Then, what happens to the at-risk individuals already in the community that we are caring for too?  

One of the biggest questions concerning this trend is do the cities get any kind of notification so they can be even a little bit prepared? 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed this fallout from the mess at the southern border on the local – live radio info morning show – First News. 

“I have a close contact in Richmond and he confirms that’s exactly what happened there,” Barkdoll said. “These people just showed up. Yes, there was some interaction with housing authorities, but it wasn’t something that was officially done through the city government. So it could happen.” 

The Washington Post reveled yesterday that the US government is now spending more than $60 million a week – A WEEK – just on housing and accommodations, including food, shelter, etc., for the unaccompanied minors. 

“To me that’s a red flag because you can imagine people in the federal government saying, ‘Hey we need to disperse these folks to not only lower the costs, but is there a way we can transfer these costs onto local governments?’” Barkdoll worried. 

There are 20,000 people being housed in shelters along the Texas/Mexico border. Where they end up and how that’s determined is a mystery. 

There’s no rhyme or reason as to how these people then get dispatched and placed in communities around the country. 

One report said there were 52,904 encounters with people arriving at the border as families and only about 1 in 3 of them are being expelled. The rest are allowed to stay in the US to pursue asylum. 

Additionally, in order to save time border patrol began releasing migrant families without notices to appear in court. Instead, they were directed to report to a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in 60 days. 

Jansen noted, “I looked up how many offices there are in the country. There’s not that many. How many of these people are going to do it? They’re never going to do it. It’s disgusting the $60 million a week for these migrant children – not the children’s fault – but we have foster care kids in this country who are suffering under a pathetic system where they are not having great lives. Why aren’t we improving those first before we start accepting and encouraging all these children from other countries to come here?”

The other piece of the story is that in the month of March, there were 172,000 people that they think came across the border. That’s an all-time record. 

The $60 million price tag is just for the 20,000 underage people – it doesn’t account for the other 150,000 that have been taken into custody, some of whom are still here, some of whom were sent back. 

The mind-boggling aspect of this is the true cost could easily be well over $100 million a week and you have to wonder where will all those people land? 

Ryan added, “I want to ask Bob Casey. I want to ask Pat Toomey. I want to ask John Flannery. I want to ask Doug Mastriano. I want to ask State Representative Rob Kauffman. Are you going to get some notification that these buses are inbound into Chambersburg? Who’s going to pay for it? I don’t blame the kids, I don’t blame the families. This is all Joe Biden’s fault and everybody who voted for Joe Biden, this is on you. And I’m not interested in paying for it. You’ve already got enough of my damn money.”

Jansen noted, “It’s going to lead to disruption of communities. It’s going to lead to problems between groups of people and it’s not either groups of people’s faults. It’s not the migrants and it’s not the communities. It’s the people in charge right now.” 

State Representative Rob Kauffman joined the discussion as well this morning and Ryan did, indeed, ask him, “Why wouldn’t they be contacting somebody as a representative in their local government? You’re going to be affecting the infrastructure. You’ve got food, you’ve got health care, you’ve got education.”

Shouldn’t the Senators and Representatives be made aware of this?

Kauffman said, “They wouldn’t contact those of us they think may cause a fuss. We are going to be asking really tough questions and sounding the alarm. They would be contacting folks they think would want to work with them to integrate, to assimilate these folks into our community.”

One insanely frustrating aspect is the $60 million a week is not actually the federal government’s money.

Ryan pointed out, “This is not Joe Biden’s money. It’s my damn money. And I am so furious with the very idea that the federal government is funding this. Not having the engagement on the state level or on a borough level or a county level, it scares me.”

Kauffman predicted, “What will happen is we will find out when the impacts are tremendous in our communities. One of the big drivers in our public education system is ESL already. English as a Second Language. That is something that drives a lot of costs in our school district. And when our school districts start saying our ESL costs are skyrocketing because of an influx of a new population. That’s my fear.”

Jansen noted, “It is asking for forgiveness instead of permission. We do hear about border towns where they say these people were just dumped there and nobody knew that was going to happen. It does feel like this is being done covertly and people are finding out about it after the fact.”

What about those who have come into this country legally? The folks who went through all the channels and followed the rules? What must they think of this?

Prior to this, there was a logical process in the Trump administration.

Kauffman added, “The reality is this predatory system has been exacerbated by the administration and the current policy. Nobody wants to see any populations who are vastly innocent being treated like this.”

Jansen said, “You could almost say these people are not illegal aliens because they’re following the policies of this current administration. When you don’t enforce something, you basically make it legal. They’ve in fact legalized illegal behavior because we’ve gotten rid of all consequences.”

“That could be the next legal argument when any of these cases are brought before a judicial panel,” Kauffman suggested.