Could a media company still be in Trump’s future?

March 1 – Following yesterday’s long-awaited public return of Donald Trump at the CPAC meeting, attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen dissected the 90 minute speech today on First News.

While the three agreed it was a good speech, they wondered at Trump’s initial low energy. “This was not the vintage Trump,” Barkdoll said. “I’m not saying that as a criticism, necessarily. I think a lot of remarks tailored to the base.”

Midway through the speech, he picked up steam by naming the Republicans who voted to impeach him.

“He finished strong,” Ryan noted. “Maybe that’s to the point of why don’t you ease into this a little bit? It’s been a while since we’ve seen you, bring us into it slowly but surely. Maybe that was planned on his behalf.”

“It very well may have been by design,” Barkdoll agreed.

Two highlights of the speech are that he is not going to form a third party and he teased at possibly running for president again in 2024. 

He also touched on immigration and opening schools, which are topics that trend in a bipartisan way across the country.

“I think he smartly put a lot of attention on those particular issues,” Barkdoll said.

So, where does Donald Trump go from here?

“He’s got to keep the energy or the ball in the air,” Barkdoll suggested. “Remember this is the first public speech he’s given since January 6. Can he keep the attention that yesterday demanded as this unfolds over the next few weeks and months? Maybe he’s going to form his own media company. Maybe he is going to figure out a way to get his messages out on a more regular basis to keep people engaged the way they were this weekend.”

A look at the coverage by the left-leaning media is no surprise. They are still calling January 6 Trump’s insurrection.

Jansen noted, “If you were just turning in for the first time you’d swear this was some guy who, gun in hand, charged into the capitol with followers behind him, armed up and trying to take over the capitol. It’s very irresponsible. I figured it’s exactly what the media would do. They gave all the –ist and –obic reasons why the Republican Party is finished and ‘they haven’t learned anything,’ they said, which I think is a very non-media based way of looking at this. It’s very very biased.”

A Straw Poll of the CPAC convention found that 54% of the people there said they would vote for Donald Trump in 2024. Ninety-five percent said they approve of the job he did while in office and 68% said they would like to see him run for president again.