Convicted murderer still on the loose in Chester County, PA

September 11 – The story actually reads like the script from a procedural police drama on television. 

Let’s take a deep dive into this story. 

Two years ago, Danelo Cavalcante, 34, a Brazilian man, stabbed his girlfriend 38 times in front of her two small children in Chester County, PA. He was convicted last month of the murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

He was incarcerated in state prison in Chester County. 

Since all this happened, it was also discovered that Cavalcante was also wanted for a 2017 murder in Brazil. 

At the end of August, Cavalcante escaped prison by crab-walking up a wall, according to surveillance video. He put his hands on one wall and his feet on the wall behind him and actually horizontally “walked” his way to the roof of the prison, where he escaped. 

Since then, he has eluded police, changed his appearance and stolen cars. On Sunday, he was caught on a ring doorbell camera, completely clean shaven and looking quite different than his prison appearance. 

The van Cavalcante stole was found on Sunday, out of gas, in East Nantmeal Township. He has been on the run for about 12 days. 

Pennsylvania State Police believe he is attempting to contact help to possibly get out of the state. 

Hundreds of police are working on the search for Cavalcante and residents in nearby towns are told to be on the lookout. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “He’s heading to a two week mark out on the lam. This is getting to be an odd broken record.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “He moved about 20 miles out in that area in Chester County. He’s now clean shaven. He has new clothes. He actually went to someone’s house, someone he knew. They were away at dinner and he had a conversation with them over a ring doorbell cam. He was asking for help. So police continue to believe they know generally where this guy is but it is remarkable that they have been unable to catch this guy, that he just continues to evade the police and law enforcement. The last number I saw there are upwards of 500 local, state and federal law enforcement officials on the ground out there looking for this guy.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “I talked to a state police contact I have who’s been intimately involved in this and the overtime that they’re all putting in to do this, I mean, it’s not a lack of effort. The guy is small. He seems to have contacts and people who might be willing to help him. As much as it might be easy to be critical, there may be some good reasons why this has been very difficult.”

Barkdoll confirmed, “He’s very small, which might be working in his favor. Remember, this guy is only about five feet tall, 110, 120 pounds, that might be helping him evade detection. But again, police continue to say this can only go on for so long. There’s no way this guy could keep living in the woods and outdoors like this indefinitely.”