Constable Timothy Heefner’s hearing in Chambersburg on 700+ sex crimes goes off without a hitch

29 December 2023- After counsel changes, multiple pushed hearings, and a new DA being sworn in for Franklin County, Chambersburg Constable Timothy Heefner finally got his day in court as he was heard by MDJ Glenn Kenneth Manns in Courtroom 5 of the Franklin County Courthouse Complex after 9am this morning.

Timothy Heefner was charged in September with over 700 crimes of a sexual nature, allegedly stemming from his work as a Pennsylvania State Constable. Court filings by Chambersburg PD allege that for years Heefner used his position of power and access to the Franklin County Jail to prey upon young and desperate women, some of whom where in and out of jail or had significant cash flow or drug problems, and trade sex for whatever they needed.

Heefner’s preliminary arraignment was September 13th, with his original hearing scheduled for September 26th. That was pushed to October 25th, then later to December 29th. Over that time, Franklin County got a new interim DA, elected a new DA for 2024 onwards, and Heefner was given a new court appointed lawyer. With Heefner’s latest legal changes, now McKenzie Clark of Carlisle, the rest of his legal proceedings look to be moving forward with significantly more ease.

At today’s hearing with likely prosecuting attorney Jonathan Faust of Franklin County, Corporal James Iverson of Chambersburg (the officer who originally filed charges against Heefner), and multiple members of the court along with a small contingent of family of the defendant. Heefner was seen giving the ASL sign for “I love you” to another woman as he left the courtroom.

Timothy Heefner’s next court date is set, at this time, for February 28th, 2024 at 1pm in Courtroom 3 of the Franklin County Courthouse Complex.