Congressman John Joyce will run for re-election

September 5 – Congressman John Joyce has announced he will seek re-election for the United States Congress as a representative for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District. 

He said, “It is an honor. It’s an honor that I take very seriously to be able to have our common sense conservative values and return to Washington for the 119th Congress. To be able to stand up and fight against inflation. Inflation that was just addressed in the newscast that led us to this conversation to be able to expand health care access. One of the issues that I ran for first in Congress was to be able to bring smart young men and women back home to Franklin to Fulton to Adams to Cumberland County, to bring these people home to allow them continue their medical education and ultimately serve as physicians in our community.”

He would also like to expand rural broadband connectivity. 

Joyce said, “During the COVID 19 pandemic. We saw an uptick in the use of every form of connectivity, whether it was telemedicine for people who couldn’t get in to see their doctors, whether it was in the business realm, whether it was in agriculture, we need from a federal point to be able to bridge that digital divide.”

The Broadband Competition Deployment Act was introduced by Joyce. 

He said it “would slash unnecessary red tape that often gets in the way of building the towers, the towers that we need to deliver the broadband internet to south central Pennsylvania. It’s time to deliver on the promise of creating an economy that’s strong by closing that digital divide.”

Joyce also wants to lower energy costs for Pennsylvania families.

He said, “Under Joe Biden we’ve seen deliberate attempts to stop energy production both here in Pennsylvania and across our entire country. We can utilize the resources, the natural gas, the coal, the oil that are under the feet of my constituents. We need to be turning to energy resources that are right here in Pennsylvania, and make those available, make them available to our friends and our allies whether it’s near shore or distant shore. We have an obligation to make sure that not only are we energy independent, but that we’re energy dominant and can supply those sources. I also want to continue fighting inflation. You sent me to Washington to be a fiscal conservative, to be a responsible steward of your taxpayer dollars. We’ve seen reckless spending that has continued with Biden and the Democrats. Now we have an obligation as we go back to Washington in just a few days to make sure that fiscal responsibility is maintained, that the cuts in spending are implemented because it’s that reckless spending that fuels inflation. America is paying for that. Prices have increased by almost 17 percent since Biden took office. Inflation has cost the average American family $10,000 in the past three years. Interest rates are at the highest point in over 20 years. As students head back to school, parents are forced to make hard decisions about what they can and what they can’t afford.”

Joyce also plans to support parents. 

He said, “We recognize through the Parents Bill of Rights which was passed in the House that this is legislation that supports our children, it provides for their education, and it promotes their well-being. Parents have a right, they have a right to know what’s being taught in the school regarding the forcing of Critical Race Theory into school legislations. Parents have a right to be heard. They have a right to see the school budget. They have a right to see how their tax dollars are being spent and they have ultimately the responsibility of educating their children. We don’t turn that over to schools. It needs to be a partnership and parents need to play an integral role in that partnership. Parents have that right, to protect their children’s privacy and advocate for their children’s education. These are issues that I want to continue to work for and advocate for the constituents in the great Pennsylvania 13th congressional district. So I proudly announce that I will be running for re-election to the 119th Congress.”

Interstate 81 also makes the list. 

Joyce said, “The expansion of I-81, the safety, the importance of making this a safer, wider road does make the list. We have to be able to continue to advocate and work with the funds that have been sent to Pennsylvania so that Shapiro and the Department of Transportation in Pennsylvania knows that safety first and foremost has to be addressed. The recent tragedy that occurred with the accident on I-81 only brought to light how important this piece of highway is. I hear that as I travel throughout Franklin in Fulton County. I hear that this is the thoroughfare that allows individuals to get to work, that allows individuals to maintain the standard of living that is so important in Franklin County, and I will continue to advocate for the improvements on I-81.” 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “I commend you and anyone else who wants to run right now. I know Republicans have a slight majority in the House right now. I can’t imagine that you and your fellow Republicans running aren’t going to be emphasizing to their constituents, we may have this slight majority but we need to hang onto that and increase it. If we don’t get the Senate, we can put forth all the great stuff that we want to put forth, but it’s going to be killed. If we don’t change the presidency, we could probably say the same thing. I commend all the things that you said. I worry none of them can get done when you have this equity-happy and let’s be clear, Critical Race Theory is part of the equity ideology. The equity ideology is causing things like within the Inflation Reduction Act, which is really a green energy bill, their excuse for so much of the expansion of things that we know actually are not working to actually lower the temperature of the planet or make things more productive here give us lower energy costs, they use equity as the excuse. They say the minorities and other oppressed groups, they’re getting further oppressed by things that we can fix with all this. Actually what they want is green energy expansion and other things. So if we don’t attack all these equity executive orders and mandates put out by the Biden administration, so many of the things you just mentioned that you want to happen are going to be thwarted. The money is going to go off in all these directions supporting DEI programs and DEI officers. It’s going to kill all the attempts to get some fiscal sanity back.”

Joyce agreed, “It’s not the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s the Inflation Promotion Act. By funneling all that money to Green New Deal initiatives, what Biden did was keep his far left happy. He continues to spur that inflation that’s occurring, putting resources into solar panels and windmills, which right now, do not supply any increase in the grid that we can store. We have seen heat waves and cold spells throughout our entire life. There’s nothing new about that. What’s new right now is that we don’t have the energy sources to be able to cool people down and we don’t have the energy sources to be able to keep people warm in the winter. It’s oil. These oil reserves are here. What we need is a president and a Senate that allows us to utilize them and that is going to affect inflation. We’ve seen energy costs just spiral out of control. Isn’t that absurd? When we’re sitting on energy supplies right here in our district? We have the workers. We have the capabilities. We have the technology to unleash those and what does Biden do? He wants you to put a solar panel on your roof. That is not the answer. We need to unleash clean burning natural gas. We need to utilize the access right now.”