Congressman John Joyce talks spending, the southern border, the NDAA and abortions

CHAMBERSBURG – Congressman John Joyce joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on First News 28 September where the group looked at serious issues facing the country.

The first discussion focused on the spending bills in Congress right now.

Joyce said, “Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to save her agenda that she and the squad have created. We’re seeing a Democrat Party that’s in disarray. They’re looking to spend a trillion dollars a day this week. Yesterday we came in and discussion about it and one short vote, one trillion dollars. Today, another trillion dollars. By the end of the week, $5 trillion and they know that this is too radical and they can’t pass it. That’s why Biden isn’t even pushing to pass his infrastructure legislation. You know, after Biden surrendered to the Taliban, he’s now surrendering to huge tax hikes for Americans. Right now the Democrats are attempting to spend more money than it cost to win World War II. I’ll tell you, my father would be so ashamed about that, my father who fought in World War II and all the veterans that have fought and worked for our country.”

The new taxes would affect middle-income families, small businesses and farmers.

Joyce said, “This bill would cost eight times the total cost of the entire interstate highways system. It’s 40 times the annual amount of what we invest in veteran’s health care and you know how important that is to me and to the veterans that served us. And second, it’s full of liberal pork. Wrapped up in their Green New Deal funding is grants that will kick back taxpayer dollars to green energy companies, that in turn, donate to Democrat campaigns. We can’t allow programs like that back into our country. I will vote no on this piece of legislation. It’s reckless spending. Pelosi is out of control. It’s time to stand up to that.”

Joyce’s prediction is the votes aren’t there to pass it.

Jansen said, “In terms of the other spending, I just don’t understand how anybody thinks that’s going to work. I know Democrats are worried about that. I don’t know how they’ll get necessarily the Senate then to vote for all that spending that they want in the social welfare bill, as I want to call it now. It feels like they shouldn’t be able to get this stuff through, but I don’t know. I’m always now reluctant to be pessimistic about anything that the progressive left really is determined to get. We’re reading ridiculous things about Chuck Schumer wanting all this money for the housing authority for New York City, which is known to waste money like crazy. They keep pushing for all these crazy programs. Where do they see this working or not working? I’m really confused over what we’re going to see coming out of this.”

“All Americans should be concerned about this,” Joyce insisted. “Democrats, Republicans, Independents, all Americans should be concerned about this reckless spending. They don’t have the votes right now. That’s why we don’t know if it’s going to occur Thursday, Friday, next week. They have to go back and face their constituents. Hopefully they’re taking that into account before they make this reckless vote.”

Talk then turned to the southern border, which is a mess. At least 12,000 Haitians have been brought into the country.

Ryan asked, “What’s someone in Chambersburg supposed to do? Where are they going? What do we need to know about them? How are we supposed to get information about where these folks that are jumping off the plane are heading next?”

Joyce said, “We asked those questions. We’re in communication. We need to know where they are arriving and where they’re going to stay. The images that we’ve seen in the past week from the southern border are incredibly troubling. The Democrats are spending all the money that we started talking about and none of it is going to making the border more secure. Biden’s failed polices created the Biden Border Crisis. It’s a national security disaster in Texas. But issues like this, they don’t stay in one place. Majorca admitted that over 12,000 refugees were being released into the United States with only a piece of paper and a court order to appear sometime in the future. It means that there’s no appropriate vetting. We know there were no tests to see if these immigrants have COVID 19. And recently, we were aware that measles were brought in through these immigrants into the state of Indiana. Tourists, even tourists visiting the United States right now, have to be vetted and yet we’re leaving these immigrants in with no solutions to the problems, to the diseases that we face with them. We need to know we’re working on that here in Washington. We need to know where they’re going to arrive and the impact that they’re going to have on our communities, on our schools, on our healthy system and on our work force.”

Ryan asked, “They have already touched down in Harrisburg and in Hagerstown. How many? When can we look for some clarity on that question alone?”

Joyce said Majorca’s office was contacted yesterday asking for detailed information, but no answer has been forthcoming.

Jansen said, “The lack of vetting is really shocking. We heard about a soldier at Fort Bliss who was attacked by a group of Afghanis. I thought these were our friends. I thought these were the interpreters that helped us and we just wanted to desperately get them, the people we promised, out of the country. We know they just brought in lots of people that were not vetted at all and yet, we’re hearing that some of them have already left these military bases. They’re in the country. We heard about a little boy that was sexually assaulted I believe in Washington State by an Afghani, so called refugee. This is just a nightmare. People, their security is threatened, their schools are threatened. I’m not blaming the migrants and the people who are just taking advantage of these open borders to come in and try to get what America has to give and some of them very well-minded people, of course. But this is just a loss of sovereignty. You cannot have open borders and a welfare state and expect a country to actually still exist.”

Ryan added, “To that point, we’re also hearing there’s a bigger surge than the one before that’s knocking on the door to the tune of I think I heard Mexico saying we’re going to set up a separate city in which to park the next surge. Are you hearing this?”

“I’ve heard about it as well,” Joyce said. “And I share your concerns. This is Biden’s Border Crisis. He campaigned that he would open the southern border and we see the troubles that that has wrought. We see the reckless inhibition of this immigrants coming into the United States. The diseases that they’re carrying. The crime that comes with them. This really, firmly rests on Biden’s shoulders and America is paying attention to it. We’re seeing his popularity is continuing to slip. We recognize that he is not a president in control.”

The trio then turned to the Abortion on Demand bill, which would essentially eliminate all state limitations on abortion.

Joyce said, “It would and you know how pro-life I am. I took the Hippocratic Oath which states above all, do no harm. This bill would destroy state laws that ensure that parents can be informed of decisions that their children are making. The American people don’t support this bill. Eighty percent of Americans oppose late term abortions. This would allow an abortion to occur up until the point of birth. I’m fighting against this bill as your legislator. I’m fighting against this bill as a doctor. I’m fighting against this bill as an individual who believes that children have rights. The right to life as stated in the Declaration of Independence. Very sadly, this legislation would actually legalize the murder of unborn children.”

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was also discussed. It was just passed by the House and apparently includes some Red Flag laws for military and the fact that women will now be part of the draft.

Joyce said, “Most important I think that we have to recognize is these red flag will not be contained in the final Senate version. There were positive parts of the NDAA and I’m proud to have supported that. It increases the pay for the active duty men and women who are protecting our country. It supplies additional funding for the great work that’s being done at Letterkenny and we recognize that that not only supports the United States, but supports our allies in Israel. The NDAA came out of committee with bipartisan support. It’s the first time I’ve seen Democrats realize that the sovereignty of our country really depends on having a strong military. I was proud to support that piece of legislation and need to see that those pay raises go through for our active duty military.”

Ryan said, “That Red Flag stuff, that’s a real disaster. We’ve seen someone die in Maryland because of Red Flag laws. Why did they put that in there in the first place?”

“You see what I’m facing every day down here,” Joyce said. “That’s Pelosi and her reckless liberal ideas. That is what we came to Washington to fight and that will leave the final bill when it goes through the Senate.”

Jansen asked, “How about the drafting of women? That really shocked me that that was in there. Is that something you think the Senate will strip out of there?”

Joyce said, “I think that we need for a military, I think our military needs to be a professional force. I think that the men and women who serve us need to be adequately paid so that they maintain their training. What we see in so many military because of the low pay that occur, that they leave after four or six years and we start all over again. I think that we need a professional military. I am encouraged by the increased funding that will go to that.”

“I hope you’re right,” Jansen said. “I hope we would never have to resort to a draft, but I hope they’re not going to count on that never happening because we know the military is being demoralized through the critical theory ideology that’s attacking conservative points of view, which make up a lot of our military folks. There’s the other issues having to do with mandating vaccines even among some of our special forces and we hear about some of them wanting to leave and we know China is potentially a huge problem for us. If we have a big problem, a draft could happen. I hope you’re right, we always stay professional.”

Joyce said, “I’m glad you brought up the issue about the vaccines because this allows those in the military to make their own personal choice of whether or not they want to be vaccinated and not face dishonorable discharge. You know I received the vaccine. I was so proud that President Trump allowed us to have three safe and effective vaccines, but that vaccine is everyone’s individual choice, whether they’re active duty military or a citizen of our country. I encourage people to talk to their family, to their doctors, to their pharmacists, but that again is your rights and your freedoms which are protected by the United States Constitution.”

Joyce’s final thoughts are, “I went to Washington to be a responsible steward of your tax dollars. It’s a battle right now to do that and realize I am committed to making sure that Nancy Pelosi’s reckless spending stops and stops this week.”