Congressman John Joyce talks China, the southern border, infrastructure, and abortion

July 20 – Congressman John Joyce spoke with Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on First News this morning and the group tackled some hot-button issues.

Will China be held accountable?

There’s talk of a new delta variant for COVID 19 that’s plaguing parts of the world. There’s also talk about a return to mask wearing.

Is anybody looking at where this all came from and who is responsible?

Joyce said, “China unleashed this. Last year from the Wuhan institute of Virology all indicators show us that this virus from that lab was unleashed upon the world. The World Health Organization has examined 80,000 animals to find that virus and they haven’t. There’s no evidence that that came from a wet market. All indicators tell us what President Trump told us last year that the Wuhan Institute of Virology whether it was a sloppy lab, whether it was intentional, we don’t know that information because WHO with Tedros did not allow us to go in and investigate. They lied to us. Tedros is a mouth piece for the Chinese Communist Party. They bear the responsibility of allowing this pandemic to spread worldwide. It could have been locally contained. They denied that. They didn’t reveal the truth to us. The Chinese Communist Party in so many areas is culpable. I served on the China Task Force last year. We recognized this. We came out with bipartisan legislation that would allow us to further investigate what went on. I agreed with President Trump withholding funding from the United States to the WHO until they explained and allowed access to see where this virus originated and how it was allowed to be unleashed upon the world.”

Ryan asked, “Is anybody anywhere saying how are we going to hold China accountable?”

Joyce said, “Yes. Last evening I had a meeting with the Health Task Force recently appointed to that and that was one of the primary issues. We want to come up with legislation to hold China accountable. The meeting lasted until well after 9 p.m. last night and that was the number one agenda. We need to come up with meaningful legislation that we can push forward.”

Ryan asked, “What was one maybe a highlight out of that meeting that said how we would do that?”

Joyce said, “It was a very diverse group of legislators, all republicans who were there. One of the interesting points were involving the governors. I had to choke back because our Governor Wolf is noncompliant and impossible to deal with. But that was one of the pieces of information that I’m bringing back to my team of how we can work when faced with a Democrat in Harrisburg in the opposition. We need to be able to have a multi-pronged approach to this.”

Jansen said, “I can’t agree more. Governor Wolf is a complete ideologue. Reality matters not. All that matters is his finger wagging and his point of view.”

The southern border is beyond a mess

Joyce said, “Another issue that I think we have to be able to address is that China remains culpable in allowing the fentanyl to come through our porous southern border. The Biden border crisis is putting everyone at risk.”

Franklin County Coroner Jeff Conner told Joyce a few months ago that fentanyl is easy to get and fast to kill. It’s a quote that has stayed with the Congressman.

Joyce said, “The Customs and Border Patrol has apprehended over 170,000 individuals for the fourth straight month. It’s the highest level that we’ve seen in over 20 years. CBP has seized more fentanyl so far this year than the entirety of last year under President Trump. This proves that Biden’s open border policies are not only not working, but they’re inflicting pain and suffering on the constituents here in Pennsylvania. The Biden administration has worked to open the southern border not secure it. President Trump it was one of his primary agendas, we recognized this. Our communities are less safe because Biden stopped building the wall. He brought catch and release back in and these impacts are significant.”

How can the infrastructure bill even be called infrastructure at this point?

It’s now coming out that amnesty and voting initiatives are possibly being added to the huge infrastructure bill that’s been back-and-forth between both houses of Congress for the last few months.

What on earth does any of that have to do with roads and bridges?

Joyce said, “It’s a misnomer. It is a job-killing, tax-raising, stunt-economic-recovery bill. It’s a bill that is going to harm hardworking Americans. It’s going to stifle the recovery from the pandemic. I think the Democrats just want to advance their radical agenda under this guise. I’m going to stop calling it the infrastructure bill. This is Biden’s plan and it’s a vehicle for the radial left’s priorities, including the Green New Deal. This plan will crush manufacturing. It will crush energy industry. It’ll be interesting to hear what those in manufacturing will say. Everything is thrown into this bill. It’s a socialist, radical agenda bill. I don’t know how we can continue to call it an infrastructure bill. It’s runaway spending and it’s going to make things worse. I can’t support it. I can’t support big government spending that is masquerading under the guise of infrastructure. It would be detrimental to every taxpayer, every constituent throughout the district. I’m going to continue protecting the taxpayer’s dollars. I will be that responsible steward of your taxpayer dollars and I’m going to continue to fight the liberal’s radical agenda.”

Could taxpayer dollars pay for abortions?

When House Democrats voted last week to eliminate the Hyde Amendment, many people were left with their jaws hanging open.

The Hyde Amendment goes back to 1976 and it ensures that tax dollars do not fund abortions. It’s had bipartisan support for years.

But apparently not anymore.

Joyce said, “It’s reprehensible that Democrats are requiring pro-life Americans to pay for abortions. It’s against our moral fabric. The Hyde Amendment has been since 1976 that has prevented tax dollars from funding abortions. If Democrats continue their plan the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act is becoming even more important.”

Joyce co-sponsored the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act.

Joyce said, “It’s common sense legislation that will ensure that all children born after a botched abortion would be given the same medical care as any other child and yet the Dems have not allowed this to come to a vote. What they’re doing is they’re pushing this abortion agenda. It’s no longer a covert attempt. Removing the Hyde Amendment it is making it clear what the Democrats want to do. They want to force their socialist agenda. The socialist support of abortion. They want to force that and allow your and my taxpayer dollars to support it. It’s reprehensible. As a physician, as a human being, human life begins at conception. I was taught that in medical school and I will continue to advocate for that in Washington.”

Elimination of the Hyde Amendment has to go to the Senate for a vote and approval, so it remains to be seen whether the law will stay in place or not.

If the Senate is split 50-50 on the decision, that would make Vice President Kamala Harris the deciding vote on whether tax payer dollars would pay for abortions.

Interesting times for the history of this country, to say the least.

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