Congressman John Joyce said there is no threat – why the razor wire and fencing around the Nation’s Capitol?

February 17 – When Congressman John Joyce visited News Talk 103.7 FM yesterday he said there is “absolutely not” a threat that he knows of in Washington and yet, the razor wire, fencing and National Guard remain.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the issue in the Big Talk on 103.7 FM this morning.

There’s a possibility of keeping the wire, fencing and National Guard in Washington until March and possibly even beyond, with millions of dollars being spent to do so.

“When I see that kind of reporting, I often think is there something we don’t know?” Barkdoll noted. “I take what John Joyce says at his word. He would be privy to that intelligence and I guess he is.”

If there is no threat, why continue to spend the resources?

“I think it’s just such a bad look for our country,” Barkdoll added. “I don’t think it’s a good look for the United States.”

The look could be part of continuing the narrative of domestic terrorism and the rise of white supremacy.

“They use the Guard there so that people will continue to believe there’s an ongoing threat,” Jansen pointed out. “Intelligence communities are telling us there is no specific threat. I think it’s the look. That’s what they’re going for.”

An insurrection implies a continued attempt to overthrow the government and there is no evidence that is happening and yet, “the look” still remains.

“I thought one of the great things about Washington DC and the government is that was sort of an open campus,” Barkdoll said. “You were welcome to go in there. You look at that now, it’s a fortress. You can’t get near the place. My fear is does that become a permanent solution? I think it does sort of undermine the people’s confidence in the system.”