Congressman John Joyce fights for us, always

July 8 – Congressman John Joyce joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen this morning on First News and the topics included Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; the fencing around the US Capitol; the NSA reading personal emails; and the threat to our school children that is Critical Race Theory.

Donald Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Former president Donald Trump has brought a lawsuit against the social media giants, as well as their CEOs, claiming he and other conservatives have been unconstitutionally censored.

Congressman Joyce said, “We certainly realize that President Trump just like each of us is guaranteed by the constitution first amendment rights, freedom of speech, and these have been infringed upon by the social media. This is going to be quite an interesting ride as for the first time a former president of the United States has to fight to maintain his first amendment rights. We all realize how those were challenged while he was in office and it continues to be challenged. I am in full support that President Trump should be able to have his first amendment rights expressed and defended.”

Remaining fencing to come down around the Capitol building

The final pieces of fencing that have been up since January of this year around the United States Capitol building are finally coming down, but there’s a caveat here – no visitors.

Ryan pointed out that Congressman Joyce has not heard of any threats to the building and “you would be the first guy to hear something, so it’s all been a show for quite some time at the expense of American tax payer.”

Joyce said, “It’s absolutely absurd. I’m disappointed and this is Pelosi again exercising her undue effects on the United States Capitol. Undue effects on the people’s House. It’s not Pelosi’s House. And yes, the fencing is coming down, but very interesting and very disappointing is that we are not opening the House to visitors. The restrictions are still applying. She’s still assessing the availability of reopening the people’s House. So for imaging, she’s taking down the unnecessary fencing. Let’s get the House open again. It’s a tradition of inviting people in the summer time to bring their families and come to the United States Capitol and tour the Capitol. This should once again be open. It’s a mixed message that she’s sending.”

Is the NSA spying on Tucker Carlson?

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson has alleged the National Security Agency has been spying on his emails and had gotten the heads-up form an insider.

It goes back to what has been called the unmasking of Americans.

Jansen said, “This has got to be very disturbing. We’re really losing the Rule of Law here.”

Ryan said, “Is there an appetite to bring this up and start inspecting the NSA?”

Joyce said, “It is totally out of line for this to be occurring. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what was looked at for Tucker Carlson and see what are the necessary steps that we can take to defend your privacy.”

Critical Race Theory has no place in our public school system

Two years ago, none of us really had any idea about the concept of Critical Race Theory, other than scholars.

It has become a real hot-button issue recently with its inclusion in the American public education system, including the K-12 classroom.  

So much so that some states are proposing legislation to ban its teachings.

Critical Race Theory is actually a concept that is more than 40 years old. It’s essentially saying that race is a social construct and that racism isn’t something that’s based on a personal bias, but is actually deeply imbedded in people, legal systems and policies.

Joyce said, “The Critical Race Theory it is a mounting threat to American society. Repeatedly I voted against the liberal legislation that stifles free speech and advances what you and I recognize is a false narrative about racism. We have to reject the Democrat’s woke and out of touch re-education agenda. From our schools to our military, every step of our society must be protected. The military is a fighting force not a liberal, social experiment. We have to agree together that Critical Race Theory is a threat to our education system and we can’t allow our federal government to teach our children what are liberal lies. The critical race theory and the debunked New York Times 1619 project teach American history through a lens of lies. This can’t be the standard for our children’s education. We cannot allow the left to influence our kids’ education with a false revisionist sense of what history is. All at taxpayer’s expense. Liberal lies at tax payer’s expense. The future of our nation depends on our kids’ education and we know our kids’ education has suffered during the COVID pandemic. I will continue to speak out against Critical Race Theory and its influence not only in education but in our military and within our law enforcement, in every part of the fabric of our society. These are liberal lies and we must stand up against them.”

Jansen said, “This is not to say we don’t want accurate history. This is not to say that there hasn’t been past white washing of certain negative things in the past. We’re not against that. It’s this extra layer of as you said, revisionist history, which teaches that science is white culture. No it’s not. Science has benefited all cultures around the world. Scientific method and objective truth. This is really getting into an ideology or belief system that’s unfortunately just polluted the education system – our young teachers unfortunately are being taught this – so I’m so glad that you’re paying attention to it and Congress is paying attention to it. We have the Biden administration attaching money to the teaching of the 1619 project. That’s wrong. They really are putting the screws to the school districts and the school systems by saying you don’t have to teach this, but we’re going to be attaching all this grant money to it.”

Joyce added, “And that’s exactly where the influence comes in and that must be stopped. I think it’s something we’re going to be addressing going forward.”