Community feedback sought in city

HAGERSTOWN, MD—Hagerstown mayor and city council have placed the development of a community vision at the top of their priority list and believe that starts with knowing what city residents deem most important to them.

A new community feedback survey is aimed at returning useful responses on the topics of economic development, services and infrastructure and goals and objectives.

“As we determine our administration’s vision and goals for the City of Hagerstown, we thought it was essential to make sure they mirror the community that our citizens want to see,” said Mayor Emily Keller.

Keller encourages those who have received the survey to fill it out by putting into perspective that the relatively small 5-10 minute individual investment required to do so translates into a much larger impact on the City’s collective long-term future. 

“We are looking forward to hearing from you and building a strong, safe, unified city for years to come,” she said.

The survey began showing up in mailboxes of randomly selected residents last week. It should be completed and returned by Jan. 31 in the pre-stamped envelope included with it.