Columbia Gas to begin looking for gas main issues in Hagerstown on MONDAY

29 March 2024- Similar to work they started last year, Columbia Gas will be sending a subcontractor to Hagerstown beginning Monday, April 1 to televise stormwater and sanitary sewer pipelines in an effort to locate any places where a gas main may have bored through City facilities.  They will be looking for natural gas cross bores, which are inadvertent intersections of a gas line and either a sanitary or storm line. 

The identification of a natural gas cross bore is important because in the event that a storm drain or sanitary sewer becomes clogged and there is a gas cross bore nearby, fixing the clog could lead to damage or a break in the gas main that could cause a dangerous situation. Columbia Gas’ goal, as part of a statewide safety program, is to find these cross bores (should they exist) and correct them before they become an issue.

In 2023, Columbia Gas focused its efforts in the West End and will now concentrate mainly in and around the Gateway Crossing development and on Bryan Place. Most of the time, customers do not need to be involved, and while the City is not performing the work, it wants to make everyone aware as a courtesy should they notice a camera truck and support vehicles in that area over the next month.

No excavation is expected to be necessary unless a cross bore is identified and needs to be repaired. Columbia Gas advises that if one is found, there is no cost to the customer for remediation. For more information on cross bores, visit or email