Colonel Doug gets Donald Trump endorsement

May 14 — With three days to go before the Pennsylvania primary election, former president Donald Trump has officially endorsed State Senator Doug Mastriano as the Republican nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Trump has stated the support is based on Mastriano’s efforts to investigate the election of 2020.

Mastriano will face off on Tuesday for the Republican nomination for governor against Lou Barletta, Joe Gale, Dave White, Charlie Gerow, Bill McSwain and Nche Zama.

Trump’s endorsement statement said, “there is no one in Pennsylvania who has done more, or fought harder, for election integrity than state Senator Doug Mastriano. He has revealed the deceit, corruption and outright theft of the 2020 presidential election, and will do something about it.”

A recent Fox News polls has Mastriano at 29% in the race for the Republican governor candidate. The next closest is Barletta at 17% followed by McSwain at 13% and White at 11%.  

In response to the endorsement, Colonel Doug said he was honored and happy to support people “who want their individual liberties restored, power returned to the people, and for their elected leaders to fulfill the America First — and Pennsylvania First — agenda. Our grassroots supporters across Pennsylvania know that Donald Trump and I will always have their backs. We are all committed to ending the era of party bosses, dark money interest groups and flawed elections.”

The governor’s office in Pennsylvania has been led by Democrat Tom Wolf for the last eight years. The PA constitution caps a governor’s service for two terms, so Wolf will be out this November.

Election strategists seem to believe that current Attorney General Josh Shapiro will likely be the Democratic nomination for the governor after Tuesday.

Indeed, Shapiro already has ads running that seem to support Mastriano. It looks like he wants to take on Colonel Doug this November.

Earlier this week, local attorney Clint Barkdoll suggested, “Be careful what you wish for here because if he thinks he’s going to position Mastriano to be this candidate that he can just roll over, we know that’s not how Colonel Doug operates. He’s been a very strong candidate, but yet in Shapiro’s world, he’s spending a lot of money on these ads at the last minute boosting Mastriano’s campaign. We heard this same thing in 2016. Remember the Hillary Clinton campaign. This was going to be a cake walk. Donald Trump had no chance to be elected the president. Clinton people were happy that Trump became the nominee and we see how that turned out. I don’t understand the Shapiro strategy here.”