Cigarette, chewing tobacco, and vape prices to go up in Maryland on July 1

13 June 2024- If you or a loved one is a smoker of tobacco products or e-cigarettes/vapes, expect to be paying more per pack in the coming days across the state of Maryland.

Effective July 1, 2024, tobacco tax rates on cigarettes and other tobacco products increase. Additionally, the sales and use tax rate on electronic smoking devices increases. Floor tax returns are required for certain wholesalers and retailers.

Changes approved to cigarette, tobacco, and vape products coming to the state of Maryland

Vaping products, including the vape liquid or “juice” are set to increase by 8% on the device and product’s sales and use tax, with other increases coming to both cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

Maryland’s variable tax structures go into effect on July 1st, including for the gas and diesel tax, which is set to go down slightly. That decrease, however, is not because of inflation going down but rather because of the price of gasoline going up.