Child welfare check in Greencastle sends a mother and her friend to jail

18 August 2023- A mother and another man are looking at separate charges after a child welfare check lands one in jail on prior warrants and the other on child endangerment charges. Wade Solomon Mohn Jr is behind bars on $25,000 bail after being charged with misdemeanor DUI, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor possessing offensive weaponry, and felony child endangerment. Tammy Ann Ringler failed to post bail of $75,000 after being charged with misdemeanor arrest prior to requisition.

Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to the 12000 block of Molly Pitcher Highway in Greencastle around 6:35pm on August 17th for a report of a small child outside a home with no one around. Dispatch advised responders that a child around 3 years old was last seen outside of a home by herself and it was unknown whether her mother was inside the home.

When police arrived, they talked to a witness who said that they saw the 3 year old outside by herself but that there was a black Mercedes-Benz parked in the driveway. The child nor the mother were outside when police arrived, but they made contact with the homeowner shortly after. Tammy Ringler allegedly answered the door and said that she was sleeping and her daughter was with her friend, Wade Mohn, who was watching her for the time being. Ringler called Mohn, with him allegedly telling Ringler that he was at Sheetz with her daughter.

While officers went to Sheetz to talk to Mohn, police ran a query of Ringler and subsequently found that she had an active arrest warrant out of Baltimore County, Maryland for possession of a controlled substance – not marijuana. Due to extradition status on the warrant, Ringler was subsequently taken into custody and faces extradition to Maryland.

Troopers headed to Sheetz to make contact with Mohn, where they allegedly found him behind the wheel of a black Mercedes Benz E320. Mohn’s vehicle allegedly smelled strongly of marijuana, with the 3 year old child also not being in a child safety seat. Police were able to see a bronze marijuana grinder on top of the center console and Mohn was then detained. Mohn allegedly told police that he had smoked within the past two hours. Additionally, Troopers found a pair of brass knuckles on his person when he was searched. Wade Mohn was transported to Chambersburg Hospital for a blood draw to test for his DUI charges.

Wade Mohn and Tammy Ringler are both behind bars, on $25,000 and $75,000 bail respectively. Their preliminary hearings are set for August 29th for Mohn and the extradition hearing for Ringler is set for September 18th.

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