Check your bank account: Newstalk 1037FM learns of possible multi-state mail, check theft operation

22 February 2023- Investigators in Waynesboro may have cracked a case bigger than one person with the arrest of Jennifer Ann Stull of Cascade, Maryland. Stull is behind bars after being charged with 3 counts of felony forgery, 3 counts of felony receiving stolen property, 1 count of felony identity theft, 8 counts of misdemeanor possession of an instrument of crime, and three counts of misdemeanor receiving stolen property. Stull is in Franklin County Prison on a bail of $600,000.

According to Waynesboro PD court filings, Jennifer Stull was taken into custody by the department on an active arrest warrant while she was a passenger in a black in color Chevy Colorado with Massachusetts plates. It should be noted that a black Chevy Colorado was also used in a similar case of the arrest of Timothy Patrick Windsor, who was arrested and put in jail for identity theft, forgery, and other charges after allegedly trying to cash a phony check with a phony drivers license in Greencastle. Court documents show that Windsor used the same type of vehicle with Massachusetts plates, although the number was redacted in public documents.

When Stull was arrested, she allegedly told WPD that a man known as “Jay” and another woman supplied her with fake ID’s and checks. Stull then said the woman would go with her to a bank and have Stull deposit the checks, then dispersing the money to “Jay” and the woman. Stull allegedly said that multiple stolen checks were still in the pickup truck that Stull was in when she was arrested.

A warrant was granted for the search of the black Chevy Colorado with MA plates, where investigators allegedly found a tan wallet with a fake PA driver’s license with the name, DOB, address, and operator number for a woman that was not Stull. The photograph on the license, however, showed Jennifer Stull. Additionally, police allegedly found an insurance card for Jennifer Stull and a Citi Dividend card with the same woman’s name on it.

Inside of the wallet were six checks, belonging to a woman and a man. Also in that same wallet was a fake PA driver’s license containing the name, DOB, address, and operator number for the male check’s victim. However, the picture on the card was that of Timothy Windsor, who was arrested that same day. Windsor is listed as the boyfriend of Stull.

One of the checks written to the false name of Stull and Windsor had a very faint impression left on the signature line. According to police reports, “it appears the original writing on the check had been removed through some type of washing process using chemicals”.

Police contacted the victims that had their checks in Stull’s wallet, with one of them allegedly telling police that the check number that was on the one identified police was used to pay her Borough of Waynesboro water bill. The victim said that she had placed the check in the US Postal Service collection box in front of the post office on E Main Street in Waynesboro. WPD officers confirmed that with borough staff, who said the victim’s bill HAD NOT been paid yet and was outstanding for $170.

Another victim was contacted by WPD who allegedly said that she wrote check number 2284 out for her landlord for $700 and that she had placed the check in the collection box outside the Save-A-Lot in Waynesboro.

A final victim was contacted and was interviewed at WPD headquarters. The victim allegedly told police she had ordered 100 new checks beginning with check number 1381. The victim allegedly said the checks were to be mailed to her but she had never received them. It should be noted that of all the checks found in Stull’s wallet, only two were blank-the ones belonging to this last victim.

As of right now, Stull and Windsor are behind bars in Franklin County Prison on the previous charges.

News Talk 1037FM’s Anthony Panasiewicz has learned that there may have been multiple other reports of checks not being received as well as a number that appeared “washed”, especially in the Waynesboro area and the Maryland border. Additional authorities may have been contacted as the investigation grows. This is an ongoing story and make sure to stay updated through News Talk 1037FM and online at

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