Changes in the Chambersburg borough’s non-discrimination policy are up for a vote at tonight’s meeting

March 8 – The Chambersburg Borough Council meeting will be in-person tonight at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers on South Second Street and council will be looking at the borough’s non-discrimination policies. Allen Coffman, Council member for Ward 1, spoke with Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on News Talk 103.7FM this morning.

A legal review was done on the borough’s non-discrimination policy and some changes have been made to the documents – that’s what council will be voting on tonight.

The changes are to bring the borough in line with what the state policies are.

“Do we know how radical the state polices are getting?” Jansen asked. “Because they are.”

The changes were drafted through the solicitor’s office of Salzmann Hughes.  

“It’s the way the language is couched that always worries me,” Jansen said. “Because what might look like a minor change could end up being actually something more significant depending on how it’s applied.”

Questions include:  what are these changes and what do they mean? 

“What’s the implication of this change?” Jansen asked.

Ryan, concerned about a “yes” stamp from other Council members, added, “They don’t understand what they’re voting for and they’re just being good little soldiers and not getting the full review of what’s happening here.”

Coffman will report on the outcome of the meeting tomorrow morning on News Talk 103.7 FM.