Chambersburg’s Peanut Circuit hopes to get revitalization with new Gear House Café

14 February 2024- A spot known to longtime Chambersburg residents as part of the “Peanut Circuit” is set to get a revitalization effort from a well known local brand.

Chambersburg Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill announced today on X, formerly Twitter, that the location on 370 Philadelphia Avenue is looking to get revitalized as the Gear House Café in the very near future. The Borough is currently processing permits to secure a Certificate of Use and Occupancy and Retail Food Facility License for Gear House.

That building located at the intersection of Philadelphia Avenue, N Second Street, and near Broad and Commerce Streets, has been known for generations as a spot for people to cruise in vehicles. Formerly, the location was an Esso station for a number of years, and most recently occupied by trading card and tabletop game retailer All Fun & Games.

The timetable on these plans is not publicly known at this time.