Chambersburg’s Finest: Borough workers shine up the watchful soldier

13 September 2023- Many know Chambersburg’s Memorial Fountain in the square. You pass it every day while going to work or the store or wherever. Less attention is paid, however, to the the faithful Union soldier always standing watch and protecting the town.

Commemorated every year in July, Chambersburg infamously burned at the hands of Confederate General John McCausland in 1864. The town, though, has persisted, survived, and thrived since its burning. The Memorial Fountain came to be in 1878 to remember those who served, were lost, and survived since the burning. Watching over the prized fountain ever since has been the faithful Union Soldier, watching ever-southward for rebels coming over the horizon.

As Chambersburg’s Fountain got completely revitalized over the past year and a half, this marks near the end of the first summer season with the landmark back in use. Fittingly, Borough workers gave a beautiful new shine to the ever-watchful Yank.

It looks like the only monument left to get a facelift in Memorial Square is the star which marks the point where Rebel Generals A.P. Hill and Robert E. Lee met prior to their turn towards Gettysburg in 1863. The small concrete block in the roadway on the south side of the traffic circle is highlighted by a bronze star in its center.

Chambersburg has always had significantly more history than meets the eye but today it looks like all eyes are going to be drawn to the revamped fountain and buffed out Union Soldier.