Chambersburg Zoning Board to meet about Mary B. Sharpe School, more

30 December 2022- After selling to local developers Verne McKissick and Aaron Carmack earlier this month, the former Mary B Sharpe School looks to come before the Chambersburg Zoning Hearing Board for their first meeting in the new year. This isn’t the only thing to come before them for their Tuesday meeting. Full details on those coming before the Board are below.

Notice is hereby given that the Chambersburg Zoning Hearing Board will hold a Public Hearing as provided in the Zoning Code for the following Appeals in Council Chambers on the First Floor of the Utility Departments Addition to Borough Hall, 100 South Second Street, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, on TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

Appeal Number 1648, Appellant, Carmack Enterprises, LLC, is requesting a special exception for conversion apartments at 850 Broad Street (formerly Mary B. Sharpe School). The area is zoned Moderate Density Residential. This is an appeal under Sections 300-24 and 300-135.

Appeal Number 1649, Appellant, Paramount Realty NJ, LLC, is requesting variances for off-street parking design standards, dumpster enclosure location and business identification signs for a proposed Wawa convenience store with fuel dispensing at 1071 Wayne Avenue. The area is zoned Distributed Commercial Highway. This is an appeal under Sections 300-79B, 300-79F, 300-79G(1), 300-133E(1)(b)[5] and 300-88.

Any person who has questions or needs accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to gain access to or participate in the hearing should contact me prior to the Public Hearing date.