Chambersburg woman previously wanted for Escape now hit with drug charges, more

25 January 2023- A woman previously arrested on charges relating to her escape from work release now is looking at felony drug charges and false identification to law enforcement. Kathleen Castro Zavala is looking at new charges of felony possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia, and misdemeanor false identification to law enforcement. Zavala is behind bars on a new bail of $50,000.

On December 9th, the Franklin County Adult Probation Department put out a notice that an inmate at Franklin County Prison had not turned back up after her work release at Kentucky Fried Chicken. On December 15th, police received an anonymous tip that Zavala was staying at the Days Inn on Falling Spring Road, which should be noted is directly across the street from KFC. The caller also gave the police information Zavala was staying under a false name at the hotel.

PSP Troopers went to the hotel, where they found the room under the name David Figueroa. After making contact with a man in the room, police allegedly say he began to stall, asking for time to change but not moving from the door. Police, allegedly worrying that someone was trying to escape or destroy evidence, tried to open the door but were then let in by the man. After opening the door, the two occupants, the man and a woman, were taken into custody after police found crack cocaine, suspected fentanyl, and suspected “scramble” pills in the woman’s purse. Both the woman and man allegedly denied ownership of the drugs, saying they belonged to Castro-Zavala and they were holding them for her.

That same day at Franklin County Jail, Castro Zavala allegedly made a call to her boyfriend, telling him that “Pops” took the drugs from her because he didn’t want her to hold them. Additionally, Castro Zavala allegedly confirmed that the drugs were taken into custody by police during the earlier seizure. “Pops…. is getting what he deserves” Castro Zavala allegedly continued with. The next day, Castro Zavala allegedly called her boyfriend back and said the people she had gotten the drugs from came to a house he was at and assaulted him and another female with a hammer.

Castro Zavala continues to be behind bars in Franklin County. Her preliminary hearing is set for January 31st.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000014-2023, Incident Number: PA 2022-1600928