Chambersburg woman charged with damaging or stealing over $5,000 worth of items from ex

10 June 2024- A now-ex girlfriend of a Chambersburg man is facing felony charges after allegedly damaging or taking property belonging to her ex. Valerie Ann Bridwell is facing charges of felony theft, misdemeanor access device fraud, and misdemeanor criminal mischief. She has since posted bail of $10,000 and is free awaiting her next court appearance.

Chambersburg PD were initially dispatched to a possible case of theft on the evening of May 27th when a man said he was unable to locate his cell phone. This man had been separating from his girlfriend, Valerie Bridwell, and after he purchased a new phone was finally able to access his old accounts. It is at this point that CPD say he found that $400 had been transferred from his CashApp account to Valerie Bridwell. Additionally, using the “Find My Phone” feature, he said he pinpointed the last known location as being at Bridwell’s residence. That last time it was found on the app, CPD say, was during the timeframe he didn’t have his original phone.

On May 29th, CPD say the victim attempted to retrieve his property from Bridwell’s porch, only to find it significantly damaged. All tolled, CPD say all his clothes, two mattresses, a chair, backpack, life vests, and a cooler were all cut with a knife. Additionally, two kayaks of his reportedly had straps cut and numerous holes drilled in the bottom of each kayak. The total value of the items damaged was allegedly $3,163.03. A surveillance video obtained by CPD reportedly showed Bridwell cutting the victim’s lawn chair with a large kitchen knife.

While the victim received the previously mentioned items damaged, he allegedly said that a DeWalt tool bag, fishing poles, and a PS4 were missing from the lot. When questioned, Bridwell allegedly “acknowledged the existence of these items but claimed she did not know where they were”. The value of the “missing” items was $2,371.21.

CPD say they were made aware of a text conversation on June 1st between the victim and Bridwell, with her allegedly admitting to have several items. One of the texts reportedly sent was a picture to prove she had the tool set and PS4.

Valerie Bridwell posted bail of $10,000 and was released from Franklin County Jail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000305-2024, Incident No.: C202406532