Chambersburg will be celebrating a new Hometown Heroes Banner Program on Memorial Day 2022

CHAMBERSBURG – The Hometown Heroes Banner Program honors veterans, both living and deceased, and active duty members of the Armed Forces from Chambersburg (Chambersburg Area School District Boundaries). Each banner features the individual’s photo, name, branch of service and/or credentials. Sponsored by companies, organizations and families.

The banners will be hung along routes 30 and 11, basically point to point in all 4 directions,  through the heart of the Borough of Chambersburg. 

The cost to sponsor a banner will be $175.00 and it will hang for 2 years and then be presented to the purchasing sponsor. These funds will be used for production, installation and removal of the banner.

The deadline for the 2022 program is February 26th 2022. The program is on a first come first serve basis, we have a limited number of poles and will have a wait list if needed.If you are interested in sponsoring a banner please send an email to the Hometown Hero Banner Committee at we will be glad to send you an application.