Chambersburg welcomed a new police station with a ribbon cutting

September 21 – It was with a whole lot of pride and thoughts toward the future that leaders gathered yesterday afternoon for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new $6 million Chambersburg Police Department facility. 

Both PA Representative Rob Kauffman and State Senator Doug Mastriano helped with funding through money from the state. 

Kauffman said, “About half of that actually came in through state dollars and it’s a fantastic new state of the art facility that really gives our law enforcement here in the borough of Chambersburg the tools they need to do the job well. They do a great job. They’re an extraordinarily professional group. Now they’re going to have the facility to match how they operate.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “How they function in an environment is important. How they interact with each other with the information that they’re sharing is really important. Thanks for finding the funding.”

Kauffman continued, “The officers there, it’s obvious how excited they are, how valued they feel whenever they get a facility that matches their skills, their capabilities, how they do things. I remember before this when I was walking through the police department, I remember being taken into this little room. They had their video setup where you could see the cameras around the borough. We could barely stand in this little place where they were viewing things and now they’re going to have the ability to properly view these things in the right setting. The chief has a great new office.”

Ryan said, “Thanks to State Senator Mastriano and State Representative Rob Kauffman for finding the dollars that you’ve already paid as taxpayers and making sure that they get back here to projects like this. The technology flow is really important here. You can run wires all over an 1800s house, but still the infrastructure there is really important.”

Kauffman agreed, “That is really critical. There is extraordinary technology involved in policing these days and the speed in which they operate when there’s something that happens in the borough is amazing. Part of that is the technology that goes into policing. So the borough did what was necessary and part of bringing the state dollars is making sure that when you have a project like this, that taxes are increased to the least amount possible. That’s what bringing those state dollars back is making sure that property taxes aren’t impacted too greatly by a project like this.”