Chambersburg store clerk charged with shooting customer over cup of ice

09 November 2023- A confusing series of events transpired in Chambersburg on October 30th involving a pack of cigarettes, a cup of ice, and a gun. Evan Lamarr Sears is charged with felony attempted homicide, four counts of felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference, two counts of misdemeanor tampering with evidence, misdemeanor theft, and felony possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. Sears is behind bars on $250,000 bail.

Around 9:30am on October 30th, Chambersburg PD units responded to a reported shooting that occurred at the Enter & Exit store located on South Main Street in the borough. The victim was found after he ran north on S Main towards Garfield Street.

Interviewing the victim, police learned that he had purchased cigarettes at the store and also got a cup with ice. The victim was confronted by the employee, with the latter reportedly saying he needed to pay for the cup. A short argument ensued, with the victim allegedly relenting and putting the cup down on the counter and telling the clerk that he would pay. The clerk, now known to be Evan Sears, then pulled a gun on the victim and shot him in the leg and hand. Soon after, the victim ran away down the street await from the business.

When CPD arrived, Sears was not on scene. Finding out through a former employee that the clerk’s name was Evan Sears, police were able to figure out what vehicle Sears drove. That vehicle, a dark Chrysler, was not parked behind the business like it had been prior to the shooting.

A search warrant was obtained for the business security cameras, with it clearly showing the victim walking in and purchasing the cigarettes. The victim then walked over to get the cup with ice, but the camera also reportedly showed Sears putting something into his shirt pocket. The object later was determined to be a gun, with cameras continuing to run and allegedly showed Sears pulling it out and pointing at the patron. It appears that video shows Sears firing four times, with two of them hitting the victim’s leg and hand.

After the initial shooting, video allegedly shows Sears walking through the scene of the crime, picking up a shell casing and a fired bullet from the ground, then disposing of them in a nearby trash can. Finally, Sears is reportedly seen removing cash from the register before finally fleeing in his vehicle.

Evan Sears, according to police, has a prior conviction for aggravated robbery in 2000 in West Virginia. Martinsburg PD confirmed this, with Sears serving 10 years for the crime, making him ineligible to own a firearm. Sears was later apprehended in Martinsburg, WV by MPD an was recently arraigned in Chambersburg.

Evan Sears is behind bars on $250,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for November 21st.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39201-CR-0000383-2023, Incident No.: C202312478