CHAMBERSBURG – On Monday, November 9, Chambersburg Town Council reluctantly accepted the resignation of Council Member Amer Chaudhry. Council Member Chaudhry had represented the Borough’s Fourth Ward for the last three years and his term was not due to expire until December 31, 2021. Recently, Council Member Chaudhry purchased a new home with his family in a different neighborhood of the Borough. Under Pennsylvania State law, if an elected official relocates their primary place of residence outside of their elected ward or neighborhood, they must unfortunately vacate their seat.

The Council has until the end of December 2020 to name a replacement for Mr. Chaudhry to complete the balance of his term.

The following volunteers have submitted applications to the Borough Secretary –

Daniel Emig – 404 Lincoln Way West

Kendra Matusiak – 105 N. Main Street

Michael Dielh – 545 Center Street

Dennis Schmaltz – 260 Miller Street

Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill explains, “Council must act to appoint a successor at their upcoming meeting on December 14th. If they fail to appoint a replacement in December, there will be a second opportunity in January 2021, but local citizen, Robert Schollaert, attorney and appointed Chair of the Vacancy Board, would be present to attempt to reach a consensus. I have every reason to believe that Council will fill the seat on December 14, without Mr. Schollaert’s assistance.”

According to the law, volunteers must be age 18 or older and be a legal resident of the Borough’s 4th Ward for one year prior to appointment. The Borough’s Ward map is available on the Borough’s website, at

Chambersburg Borough elected officials receive $4,125 per year and the Mayor or President receive $5,625 per year pursuant to State law. It is a stipend, not wages, and otherwise, no other benefits are provided. Finally, it has been set at the maximum permitted since 1997.

The December 14 discussion on the replacement will be conducted in public; and, citizens are welcome to attend on Monday, December 14, at 7:00 p.m., at Chambersburg City Hall. It will be a busy meeting as a number of important issues, including adoption of the 2021 budget will be completed first, before the interviews and appointment is made. According to Mr. Stonehill, “It would not be fair to swear in a new member of Council and make them vote on the spot on issues that have been discussed for months. It was the consensus of those on Council that they would dispatch with their important business first and then address the vacancy second. We anticipate that the new member of Council will be sworn in before the end of the meeting.”

The December 14th meeting is scheduled to be the final meeting of 2020.