Chambersburg Police expect peaceful Election Day

CHAMBERSBURG—Chambersburg Chief of Police Ron Camacho and the Chambersburg Police Department are working in advance to ensure a safe Election Day and have plans to address any potential citizen concerns and fear of civil unrest prior to, during and following the national election.

“CPD will not tolerate any threats to public order, riotous behavior and property destruction of any kind, or civil unrest that violates the peace and dignity of the Borough of Chambersburg or the Commonwealth in general,” said a statement released by the department.

“On Election Day, PA State Constables will be present at each of the local poll locations. CPD Police Officers will not be present within 100 feet of any polling location by law unless they are personally voting or are summoned in order to preserve the peace.”

Camacho said the Chambersburg Police Department has developed and currently maintains a robust information and intelligence program that works in cooperation with other area law enforcement partners, as well as state and federal entities and will continue to monitor information and intelligence it receives in order to access any threats to public order and peace through Election Day and in the days that follow, and that emergency response plans are in place should the need to enact such a plan become apparent.

“At present, there are no known threats to any local polling places,” Camacho said. “While violence has taken a foothold into other places across that nation, Chambersburg has not experienced such in our community. CPD is proud to serve our fair and civil community and it will continue to work hard in order to ensure that peace is maintained, residents are safe and differing viewpoints are afforded equal respect and protection under the law.”