Chambersburg PD introduce two new police officers to the force

14 December 2022- On 12/12/22, Ptlm. Armbrust and Ptlm. Jacoby were among 57 cadets that graduated from the 121st HACC Police Academy.  This six-month academy taught Laws and Criminal Procedures, Juvenile Procedures, Human Relations, Responding to Special Needs, Homeland Security, Vehicle Code Enforcement, Crash Investigation, Patrol Procedures and Operations, Criminal Investigation, Drug Law Enforcement, Case Preparation, Operation of Patrol Vehicles, Firearms, Emergency Response Training, and Handling Arrested Persons.  The Chambersburg Police Department is proud of both officers for completing the training.  Ptlm. Armbrust and Ptlm. Jacoby have begun their next steps with CPD, which involves 12 weeks of field training where they learn to take everything they learned in the academy and apply it to policing in Chambersburg.